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“The Storm, The Woman, The Wolf” Prepare your Flocks for Persecution – Spirit and Truth

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“The Storm, The Woman, The Wolf” Prepare your Flocks for Persecution

February 12, 2021 1:08 AM
Spirit and Truth

Dreams from Jan. 1st 2021 and Feb. 11th 2021

Jan 1st 2021 I had a dream where the Lord appeared to me as a white dove with rays of light descending down upon me and his voice spoke saying, “I am coming for you SOON!” I then see men crawling through the dessert Wilderness getting away from the mark of the beast and it was a glowing purple mark under the skin in the right hand…

Then Feb. 11th 2021 I have a dream showing a giant red flag saying State Championships in front of a school and it’s a beautiful bright normal day and I hear cheering in the backgrounds, then I hear the voice of the Lord say, “I told you they would be celebrating when it all began.” The sky then suddenly turns black and a storm rages and I get in my car but the storm is so strong and I stomp on the gas and debris falls on my car and I notice I have a wounded passenger but I crawl out unscathed. The voice of the Lord begins to weep to me and says, “I am so sorry, but this has to happen!” Then a woman climbs up from the ground out of a bottomless pit with golden brass like armor gauntlets and black long hair, as she climbs out of the ground she locks eyes with me and says demonicly, “You’re hard to catch but I’m coming for you…” The scene then shifts and I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing devour most of my the flock…

The time has come for great persecution and the devil is coming for the lambs now and only God can protect you from the storm in the Wilderness… We may loose many we love during this storm but don’t be discouraged Jesus is in control and he loves you dearly my Brothers and Sisters. Shalom.


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