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The Storm: It is the Time! – McKana

The Storm: It is the Time!

August 24, 2021 1:32 PM

August 24, 2021


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1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

I have lost what I have written in an instant and I have to rewrite again remembering what I wrote first.

Even though I know the politics and to some extent follow the news, I didn’t have any intension of writing this. In the first place, it is open for all, secondly it is more complex than one thinks. Seeing the “Storm” building up in all fronts, it might not hurt to point some trends.

One way or the other, what we see unfold around the glob is according to the word, plane and timing of the Lord. The Lord has everything under control.

In the news, almost two weeks earlier:

“——-Iran 10 weeks away from amassing enough weapons-grade material for nuke

Defense minister tells envoys from UNSC members the time has come for tangible actions — including military — against Tehran as hardline president comes into office

Iran is ten weeks away from acquiring enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Wednesday.
“Iran has violated all of the guidelines set in the JCPOA and is only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon,” Gantz told ambassadors from countries on the United Nations Security Council during a briefing at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

“Now is the time for deeds – words are not enough,” he added. “It is time for diplomatic, economic and even military deeds, otherwise the attacks will continue.”

I have shared what the Lord showed me in this website about Israel hitting Iran, then “12 sheep to the woods” and few more. A spark in this area will ignite the region and what follows after this is what is give below and more. Now, the 10 weeks have became 8 weeks, what happens before that is where the eyes of all have to be.

The prophecy given to the late John Paul Jackson in 2007

Israel and Iran

“Even this year tension with Israel and Iran is going to escalate. The day is going to come when Israel is going to hit Iran. It has already happened. There where mystery explosion which has happened. Israel one day will send rockets to Iran, before that day happens there are some mystery explosions and those has happened.

When Israel hit Iran, there will be a hug growth of antisemitism and everybody is going to blame Israel for the price of gasoline, there is going to be incredible backlash, OPEC countries will form an alliance and will not sale to anyone who support Israel—-. Israel will become a difficult thing and Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling. It is going to happen, not years from now, sooner than that and everything is going to change.”

In many prophetic word give to many messengers, we know invasion from many fronts is coming. I have shared the coming EMP attack and an invasion by Russia from the east and China from the west. How can a civilization of 400 years and a superpower will end in one hour? From the words, visions, revelations and dreams give to many, incapacitating calamities will strike before the final act. We know how the technology has progressed. Few years earlier, I have read in the news stating that 98% of the over 10 thousand nuclear weapons of Russia are triggers ready. There you have it, it is a matter of 20 minutes for thus projectiles to strike anywhere in this region.

In the same prophetic word from JPJ, we see:-


“Russia will take a new nationalism and Russia will create a new crisis to spawn nationalism as it realizes it is losing its youth.

Putin and Medevedeve will clash and Putin will end up taking over but there is a third guy behind the seen who is more ruthless than Putin. He will end up in the seen, he is not in the seen yet but he will show up in the seen. Putin is setting the stage for his coming. He is not the Antichrist, because the Antichrist will come from somewhere else but it is part of the whole end time scenario
Russia will be blackmailing many satellite states that use to be part of the Soviet block and demand to be a whole new alliance and a whole new agreement. Poland will be blackmailed, Czechoslovakia, Slovak countries, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Pakistan. If you want our oil and gas you will come back, if you don’t we will close the pipeline tomorrow. They will bring the gas price up and will be able to function in their own state but they will wait for the gas price to come up before they bring the price up.”

This country has amassed many enemies than friends. What is prophesied about China is coming true. The problem with Taiwan, Japan, South China see, the economic progress and the global assertion of power is what the Lord has spoken. China has became a formidable global power and a force of indignation with other global powers. When the Lord wants to punish, empowers the enemy and uses them to do His job. The Pharaoh, Babylon were not good and the same with the current powers. They will have their days but will be used to do the job. Disobedience leads to lifting of the blessings from the Lord, decay and destruction.

In the same prophetic word, what is written about china has come true:-


“China’s escalation is not by accident. It is planed, it is strategic and it is designed to be lead power in the world.

The same goes to Turkey. This is the country where the first “Seven Churches of Revelation,” old Armenia and mount Ararat are located. The Lord has revealed to me that Russia from the North will run over the whole of Asia Minor including Turkey.

What is give to JPJ in 2007 is what is unfolding now.


“Turkey will come out of the ashes and will become an incredible force in the middle East with darkness in the core.”

Finally, in a dramatic speed, what we see is not only surprising but difficult to believe. Knowing all the prophetic words, let us see one sentence from the word given to JPJ.

The US.

“The military will be coming home, the Lord said, finance will be forcing you to shrink the military, this will allow cracks to be formed in the military to allow your country to be invaded if you don’t turn your heart to me.”

What is in the news bellow has already happened in Yemen. What is the implication and what is the ramification? Whose rises and whose fall? What we see is exactly the words of the Lord unfolding.

August 20, 2021

Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Taliban’s new U.S.-made war chest

WASHINGTON, Aug 19 (Reuters) – About a month ago, Afghanistan’s ministry of defense posted on social media photographs of seven brand new helicopters arriving in Kabul delivered by the United States.

Another official said that while there are no definitive numbers yet, the current intelligence assessment was that the Taliban are believed to control more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones.
Between 2002 and 2017, the United States gave the Afghan military an estimated $28 billion in weaponry, including guns, rockets, night-vision goggles and even small drones for intelligence gathering.

Since 2003 the United States has provided Afghan forces with at least 600,000 infantry weapons including M16 assault rifles, 162,000 pieces of communication equipment, and 16,000 night-vision goggle devices.

In conclusion, what we see, according to the word of the Lord is the rise and the fall of nations. What falls is from disobedience, what rises is for the purposes of Almighty God. All at the end are in judgement.

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near
(Isaiah 55:6-7 KJV)


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