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The Storm has Begun – Amanda N. White

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“The Storm has Begun”

February 4, 2021 9:51 PM
Amanda N. White

Prophetic Dream | 2.3.21

I dreamt I received a prophetic word from the Lord about a plague of mud filling America as a wasteland (I fully believe this plague in my dream was metaphorical). The mud was a light gray color, no matter which climate you resided in among the country, and appeared as a muddy clay texture. I was prophesying to several bodies of people that this ‘Great Storm’ would soon fill America as a type of cleansing, like in the days of Noah. I told these bodies of people that Christ followers should not be afraid, for the Lord will save us and spare us all from the torture this upcoming plague would bring.

My prophetic words containing various aspects of this Great Storm went on for several months, and I even wrote a book about it to spread the Lord’s warning further abroad. In real life, I don’t speak to the public in masses about my words or dreams, nor do I write books on them, so I thought that was quite interesting. There were many sunny days and not much rain came while we awaited the Lord’s timing, so many scoffed and laughed at my notion that this was indeed a prophetic word to begin with. I remember as several months went by, every now and then doubt would creep into my thoughts of whether or not this truly was a word from the Lord as so many who followed our Savior told me I wasn’t hearing from God and that the storm would never come to pass. I prayed to our Sovereign King when these times occurred, and as good as He is, reassurance came my way.

Eventually, storm clouds formed and a few inches of mud filled the grounds on all of America. I urged people one last time to finalize their preparations such as storing up food, water and other survival essentials in lieu of the upcoming Great Storm- that we didn’t have much time before it struck. After gathering the last bits of our materials in preparation of the warning, all Christ followers lined up side by side, standing in the mud and held hands as a united front. Some people were scared at the storm’s upcoming presence, while others stood strong in their faith as the Lord would protect us. We were standing in the midst of an outdoor public park.

There was one man who distinctly did not believe in the Lord’s protection, and somehow managed to climb into the park’s bathroom toilet, where somehow the inside of the bathroom was already filled with mud- including the toilet and sink. The man was also covered from head to toe in mud, yet he closed the toilet seat lid as if it would protect him over the presence of God. I shook my head in sadness, knowing only the Lord’s salvation can truly save us all- not just shelter.

All the sudden a loud roaring thunder consumed the skies of America. An eerie dark gray accumulation of clouds took over the sunny atmosphere, as lightning and rain struck harshly. As soon as the storm hit, I looked up at the sky as if I was looking up at God. I shouted to everyone around me, “Here we go! Get ready for the storm!” I woke up hearing the Holy Ghost say, “The storm has begun.” Right after His warning, I saw visions of famine, economic crash, government collapse and the words “CHANGE COMING”. This was not like what we are currently dealing with as a society, this will be God’s great cleansing of our nation. We must be prepared as the storm has officially hit.


1 Corinthians 1:4-9
Ephesians 2:4-6
Matthew 24:36-44



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