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Jacky JulyAn

The Stars Are Fallen: Judgment against Hollywood, Entertainment and Music Industry

Posted January 22, 2019

Originally written 26th June 2009

James 4:1-10


The stars have fallen they are crushed and cemented into the ground. You walk upon these stars in wonder at their names but they do not shine. They speak neither to you yet you admire them and walk upon them as gods of the earth. Their wealth is on the backs of the poor. The rich will be made poor and the poor will become rich, see here I am not talking of worldly wealth. The time for your worldly wealth is finished.

The idolatry of your film and music industry is to collide like two atom bombs. Their worlds will swim in the murkier of waters. Their fame will be a stench to those round them. All the idols are to crash, crash and crash around. No-one will be spared. Their covetous lifestyles will be no more. I am to remove the very heart and rip it out and cast it into the Valley of Slaughter. What they hold most dear they will lose. Their notoriety will be no more. The name Hollywood will be as dust as the fire rages and burns all the worldly lusts of this world. I, the LORD am to remove it. It is demonic and ruled by the lust of the flesh. Their money will all go up in smoke to My stars in the heavens, I made, which shine eternally. The blackened smoke of these earthly stars will be no more.

This narcissist lifestyle will become a garbage ground and they will be trampled upon. Their names that have been glorified by man will be no more. The acidic poison has reacted to the ends of the earth.

Now is the time for souls to be saved. Now the gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth not by man-made technology but by My Hand so I get the Glory. So far men have had the glory using My name. I will strip them from the Olive Tree, their branches thrown withered into the fire. I am bringing My children, new children, obedient children and grafting them in to My Olive Tree this one final time. I will do this with no help from man as he is as corrupt as never before, never seen in the history of mankind, nor did I ever think of such dreadful deeds that have been done.

In pockets I am to unleash My Wrath and in other parts My Glory. As with the Egyptians you will see whom I favour, for I am able to rain on one and not the other, therefore displaying My Favour for all to see.

Oh man you have despised those whom I have called. Those called listen quietly to me. They know my voice upon the multitude of clashes around them. I stand before them halting the ticks of the clock so they hear my voice through the noisome pestilence.

In My Temple there is peace, rest, stillness this is Worship. The inner heart connecting to the Father in spirit. This is music to My ears. I bend down to hear My servant’s sweet incense of prayers and quiet humming and songs that fill my heart with joy.

The world’s music is loud, brash, bothersome like flies, for truly I tell you a plague of flies is to come among you once again as in the plagues of Egypt for the leaders of the land have hearts just as Pharaoh and are hardened to My Word. Truly I say many are walking around blind, deaf and dumb to the True Father.

Be silent before Me, Oh my people of the earth. Switch off your TV, switch off your music, switch off your computers those who use it glorifying their own agendas and not mine. Be prepared for I am to switch it off for you in the near future.

Keep in step with My Silence. I whisper in the burning bushes, the high mountains as I did with Moses and Elijah.

Now is the time for mourning and weeping before Me.

Lamentations, weep, weep, oh my people for I weep continually for those to turn to Me.

Oh my people weep, prostrate, and worship Me the One True Living God. I am your Father. I love you. I sent my One and only Son to die for you. His blood shed for all sins.

Weep with me. Weep with me. I have wept alone for so long whilst you have danced for joy in your rebellion singing praises to Me.

But I have been weeping and you didn’t hear for all your clashing symbols, all your drums, your guitars. You didn’t feel my silent heart weeping. Weeping for you as you danced to idolatry and sin.

Now I am to turn the music off. There is silence in the Heavens for half an hour.

A stillness of holiness is to descend upon the whole earth. I am standing. I am descending.
The music is to stop. I am to stop it. I am to pull the plug out Myself. You have not reigned in your love of sinning and I am to step in.

There is still time to hear My voice. I am the Good Shepherd. I lay down my life in green pastures for your sake, for your rest.

Come to Me, those who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Come to My Fold of protection from those too strong for you. Hide under My Wings.

The arrows are to descend from Jezebel spirits; their chaos will cause much damage. Come hide in Me. Hide in the Shadow and I will shield you from harm.

A woman leader is to come riding on the beast for all to see. Her time has come to cause havoc. The second eve of Jezebel the spirit of rebellion and witchcraft. She is to take the heads off of many men and even usurp Me.

She is venomous as a python and her victory will be short-lived but she is to come from the abyss. Total rebellion. She listens to the lust of the flesh; she is away from her husband and is to become enticed in a position of great authority. She is a high priestess of the world. She has many followers, both men and women followers. There is no head, not even I, Jesus am her Head.
Great calamity, great rebellion not even the prophets of old knew this.

I Jesus said that there would be more pains to come greater than ever before. Now is the time. It is to be exposed. The second evil Eve. Her knowledge of good and evil, satans deepest secrets is to entice many men and women into the pits of hell. She rides in the air and driven by principalities of darkness of the highest demonic realm.

But I say to you My Beloved do not be afraid for nothing. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. No authority of evil can separate you. For those hidden in Christ I will give you authority to stamp on these vipers to emerge. Even children will stamp on them as My Most Holy Spirit descends.

These things have been hidden until the last days as you could not have borne them in your hearts. I have witnessed them in heaven and have decided the appointed time for revelation to those who are close to Me and will tell forth all that is happening as a warning of things to come and have come even now. Truly man does not know what he is doing. I see everything from above My Throne. It is time to reveal.

For those in Christ, hidden, I have you safe. It will be a rocky ride but I am calming the storm so you too can walk on the waters as Peter did in faith trusting in Me. I will pour out more faith, for this too is a gift from above only given by Me in measures to each. I will be your strength for those who are weak both in strength and weak in faith.

Trust Me, reach out for Me. I am your Shield. I am your Salvation. I, Jesus have bought everything you need. My Blood has bought everything you need.

You are dealing with principalities and powers of great proportions. Enter into My Rest. Enter into the heart of My Temple. Enter into My Kingdom.

My Tabernacle is where you will find safety.

I will bring you Home.

I, Jesus will bring you home.

Jacky Julyan aka Shofargirl

(Facebook Love JulyAn)

Humble servant of Jesus


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