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The Speeding Car Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

The Speeding Car Dream

June 12, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell


I dreamed again last night and I know you were giving warning in these two dreams you gave me Lord Jesus! Because there is so much detail and they are lengthy I have separated the two dreams even though I dreamed them 1 immediately after the other. The second dream is called The Falling Ceiling Dream.

#1 The Speeding Car Dream:

I found myself in a fast-moving car being driven by other people! There were two men in the front seat and I could tell the driver was concentrating on trying to drive safely at such a high speed even though I could feel myself being slung from side to side. So, I ascertained, this road is curvy!

The man in the driver seat, what I can see of him, appears to be possibly in his mid 30’s with long brown curly hair that he has pulled back in a single ponytail. He has a light yellowish beige t-shirt on and I can see his knuckles gripping the steering wheel tightly as if his life depended on his driving and I feel in this dream somehow it does matter! He seems to be of a medium, yet muscular build by the muscles of his arms peeking out from under the sleeve of his t-shirt and also of white Caucasian. He also has a blue tattoo on the inside of his right arm.

The man beside him is tall and slender, even lanky. He has his right arm outstretched straight and his right hand is bracing himself from being slung around the car as we continue driving ferociously down the road!!! He keeps looking nervously at the road and then to the man and he keeps doing this several times until he asks in a shaky and frightened voice, “What are we going to do Bill? What are we going to do?” “I don’t know,” Bill the driver responded.”

Fear was in the atmosphere. This white man on the front passenger side did not seem to be the type that Bill, the driver, would normally hang out with. He was more like a college student with a short straight, neat haircut and wearing a striped white polo shirt with narrow maroon stripes and light brown khaki pants. I know somehow in this dream something has brought them, brought us together as we continue careening down this curvy road at breakneck speed!!!

“Do we have enough gas? How far can we go,” the scared man in the front passenger’s seat asked shakily? “We’ve got about ¾ of a tank. It will have to do,” I hear Bill respond!

I feel we are running from something and we are running scared! I now began noticing that I am in the back seat of the car and to the left of me, for I am in the middle between two other people, is a big burly black fellow, very muscular in build yet with a heart of a teddy bear because in this dream I know that out of all these people this man I feel is kind! He is wearing faded blue jeans and also a t-shirt, Kelly green in color with some dark blue writing across his chest but I can’t see clearly what was written from my sitting position in the car.

He had both arms stretched out forward with both hands clamped upon the headrest of the back of the driver’s seat. His hair was short above his collar and ears but curly. He had a mustache that went down beside each side of his mouth, his face what is known today as the horseshoe mustache but it was thinned and not thickly grown upon his face. He kept muttering, “Oh man, oh man this is bad!”

To the right of me is a young lady that I feel is in her mid-twenties. Her white skin was now pale and ashen. She was visibly shaken and crying hysterically. Why I did not notice her hysterical crying until now, I’m not sure but she was now trying to calm herself while still crying! As I watched her, I saw fear and panic upon her young face and her cries became whimpers of fear! She had black rimmed glasses on her face and the lens on the right side of them was cracked yet she still wore them!
Her blonde hair was pulled back and tied away from her face with a common pink bandana. She had on a white top that had elastic gathering the neckline and also the arms at the sleeve hems that came almost up to the top of her arms were gathered with elastic and reminded me of what is called a peasant top! She is in a pair of solid medium pink shorts that while sitting comes to about 4 ½ inches above her knees! I looked down and I saw that she has one shoe, a leather flip flop sandal missing, also on the right side, the right foot and I realized and I’m not sure how, but she lost it when we were running to this car for safety!

I then looked at myself and it’s me but it’s not me. I am young, white skinned with long auburn hair that is hanging loosely around my shoulders. I can see that I have green eyes because even though I am sitting in this car between these two people, I am now also looking inside! I see that I am dressed in a white pull over shirt, modest in style with little fruit, individual strawberries and pineapples sparsely on my top.

I am also wearing shorts and this is strange to me for I choose not to wear shorts in reality. These shorts are dark navy blue that while I am sitting still cover much of my legs and thighs. I have on a pair of ankle white socks and a pair of white tennis shoes with dark blue stripes running up and down from top to bottom at a slant instead of down the whole length of the shoes.

As I look at the shoes, I find myself thinking and comparing my shoes to that of the whimpering, crying girl beside me. I have on tennis shoes and I had felt led by Jesus to wear them today in this dream! She had on sandals! She was poorly prepared for any type of running. I then noticed in this car that although yes, my adrenaline was racing through my body and all my senses seemed to be on alert status and even though there was an atmosphere of fear and panic inside the car for I knew something horrible and horrendous had happened, I was not panicking like the rest of the people. I was maintaining a calm somehow even in all this turmoil! I hear myself whisper, “Jesus help us,” and I now know I am still a Christian in this dream as I am in reality for Jesus is my everything!!
Then I noticed for the first time sitting in my lap was a large heavy bag like a light canvas colored bag. I see now that the lady beside me has in her lap and by her feet, plastic bags full of food. Why I hadn’t noticed them earlier when I noticed her missing sandal, only God knows or he didn’t allow me to see them until now, when before I had taken notice of the missing brown sandal of hers.

I hear the kind black man beside me say, “Hey man can you turn on the radio? Maybe we can hear something?” The nervous, frightened man looked over at Bill, the driver who gritted his teeth and nodded his head with a short nod of approval. The frighten ed nervous man reached for the radio knob and as he did, I noticed it’s still dark outside. Then in my dream I remembered we had all been at an all-night restaurant or diner that stays open 24 hrs a day. (Do they still stay open like this since the covid-19 outbreak? I don’t know but it did in this dream.) We were all gathered for some kind of meeting, possibly a study group or even somehow college related. All I remember is we had been brought together in a meeting and it was after dark but I’m not sure of the time.

Then my mind returned to the man turning the radio on and we hear a man’s shaky voice say,

“Washington DC and New York have been confirmed bombed and to take cover and stay indoors!” This is what we were running from yet we are not in Washington DC or New York I feel! The blonde headed girl with the pink bandana begins wailing!!! The man, the driver begins cursing, the frightened man in the passenger seat is saying, “We’ve finally done it, “over and over and the kind muscular, gentle black man lowers his head and begins weeping almost silently!

I am in the middle praying…praying for help, crying out to Jesus! Then the driver calls out to me, but my name in this dream is Charity! “Charity, how much money is in the bag?” I looked down at the canvas bag and I now realized it was full of wads and wads of money…like it had been hastily shoved into the bag. “I don’t know,” I said, but it appears to me to be a rather large sum of money! Where did this money come from? How did it get here? I don’t know but I felt it somehow belonged to all of us as well as the food!

“Where are we going Bill,” the nervous man asked, “If more bombs are still coming?” “Ask Charity,” he responded, “She’s the one talking to Jesus!” I stopped praying momentarily for I had started again as soon as I had answered Bill, the driver about the money! I hear myself calmly speak these words! “We need to head deeper into the mountains away from the coast because an invasion is soon to come also!” Where we are at…what state I don’t know and we continue speeding down the road? The scene changes to the next dream.

Amos 3:7


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