Jesus, Return


By Dumitru Duduman


January 24, 1994

It was seven o’clock in the morning when I woke up. I still felt a little tired, so I stayed in bed longer to rest. Then I fell asleep and dreamed that I was in an American church service, when the building began to move violently. Because they did not know what was happening, the people inside panicked and quickly began to run out. I succeeded in walking out also, but with every step I tried to take, it seemed like I was sinking into the ground. I began to look around to find something to support myself with so I could walk. I heard a voice that said, “Look up, and see the heavens!”

I looked up. As far as the eye could see, all the sky was blood red. I said, “Lord! What does this mean? Why is the sky red?” Then I remembered my father telling me that before the great war the sky turned blood red.

As I stood looking toward the sky a cloud suddenly appeared. Three men came out of the cloud. The middle one was dressed in shiny clothes and was of very great stature. He shined so brightly that I could not look at him. The other two, one on his right, and one on his left, were prepared for war. They had weapons in their hands that were pointed toward the inhabitants of the earth. Trembling, I asked, “Lord, what am I seeing? What does all this mean?”

When the one in the middle spoke in a thunderous voice, all those around me were able to see him: “I am Jesus Christ who gave my life for you. Many of those whom I gave my life for, today dishonor me, living in sin and things that are wrong. The honor and glory I deserve is not given to Me. For this I have no more mercy, but will soon return in glory and honor as judge to judge all the inhabitants of earth. But first, I will judge those that carry the name of Christians, yet have tried to deceive Me. Because of them My name was, and is, dishonored and blasphemed before those that do not know Me”.

“And about you”, He said to me, “be awake! Be on guard more than ever, for you will go through many trials. Now the battle will begin to get harder. The devil is ready to begin war against the Christians, and I have allowed this.”

Then the two men beside him began to fire their weapons. A salvo of fire came out, lighting the sky, and it began to burn. The one who shone brightly stood in the midst of the flames, crying out with a loud voice, “Do not fear! All those who worshiped Me and have lived a clean life – those that suffered here on earth – will have joy. For I am the one who will judge all of the nationalities of the earth. I will spare no one, and will not have mercy or grace for anyone. The day when I will punish and condemn is coming. I tell these things for everyone to hear. Hard days of suffering are coming to this place and over the whole earth. The hardships will be so great that the minds of man will not be able to understand it. It will be so hard that men will kill themselves. I will judge through torment, pain and suffering, and will take revenge with great harshness for all sin. The Father has allowed me to avenge my spilled blood.”

The other two began to fire their weapons again, but this time a blue flame came out. I fell with my face to the ground. The one in the middle yelled, “Get up! I want to show you the judgment of the people and the wicked. But the hardest judgment will be received by the church because they knew My word and My power, but many of them dishonored Me, giving into defilement, adulteries, wickedness, and dishonored My name before men who did not know Me. For this, I am filled with rage, and I have been given the authority to take revenge against the inhabitants of the earth – those who have dishonored Me.”

The two that stood at either side of Him began to fire again. A heavenly choir appeared and began to sing a song in the most beautiful splendor: “Jesus is alive. Jesus lives. Jesus is alive. Jesus reigns. Jesus is coming in glory. Jesus is no longer Savior, but returns as Judge.” I began to cry. I cried with tears of joy. I was in an atmosphere of incredible beauty.

The choir continued to sing as the two men with the weapons introduced themselves. The one on the right said, “I am the head of the Lord’s armies, Gabriel”. The one on the left said, “I am Michael, the leader of the Lord’s armies. We are at the Lamb’s command, and wherever the Lamb goes, we accompany Him.” The choir continued to sing and everything began to fade. I woke up with the words, “Jesus is no longer coming as a Savior, but as a judge”.


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