The Right Hand of God – Divine Grace Of The Cross


The Right Hand of God

January 13, 2022 1:01 PM
Divine Grace Of The Cross

Good evening brethren, may the peace from God our father be with us for ever and ever, Amen.

I will love to share a word that I receive from God our father, I can’t remember the day tho, because of stress.

I was sleeping, and in midnight I receive a word from God, in my dialect (Yoruba language)which I translated in English, is says……. “THE RIGHT HAND OF THE LORD IS WITH THOSE WHO FEAR HIM, HE ANSWERETH THEM IN AFTERNOON, AND PROTECT THEM IN THE NIGHT.

Brethren, the time is here, what we need most is faith in God through Jesus Christ accompany with the fear of God,

I am divinegraceofthecross, an ambassador till eternity…

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