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The Repeated Warning To Israel; Jerusalem Will Burn- Ez 38 War – Sharlene Reimer


The Repeated Warning To Israel; Jerusalem Will Burn- Ez 38 War

Vision #314

August 4, 2021 10:32 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Aug 3/21 Tues evg

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. Today I was singing several of my favourites and one being the oldie but goodie hymn: I Surrender All, written by Judson W. Van DeVenter and the music composed by W.S Weeden and published in 1896. https://youtu.be/UtuRB4VhN_A I began to pray. There’s so much to pray for and I suddenly felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. I became weepy. I heard Jesus’ voice kindly say- as He has said to me several times before, “Pray your heart- just start and go from there.” And so I did.

After praying, I went to the mountain as I always do. As I was climbing up, I again noticed others there with me so I encouraged them on their journey up. I also noticed a huge entity that was swooping in occasionally. At first, I just ignored it. When I got to the top, the large demonic entity- which presented like a huge serpent with tail and wings, persistently continued to intimidate and distract me. (it was very big!) I pleaded the blood of Christ over us and went off with my eagle to proclaim Ps 91. It pursued us for a moment but as I continued to proclaim the Psalm, I didn’t see it anymore. Thinking back as I’m writing, I remember not having any fear. I am trusting in who I am in God, that He is bigger and will protect me. Although I know my authority in Christ, I am very aware that people are praying for me. Thank you! The threat is real.

I found myself above and overlooking a city under attack; there were artillery streaks flying in the air, sirens blaring, flashes of light and I saw fires below me in several places. I looked into the city and came to a narrow bricked street. People were rushing in panic looking for safety. I understood it was Jerusalem. After I finished proclaiming the psalm, I sang Joshua Aaron’s song: The Sacrifice Lamb. I then declared God’s sovereignty over Israel and reminded them that God Almighty is in charge of the set times and everything has its appointed time according to His purpose and plan. As I was blessing them before I left, I noticed the Apostle John on my left blessing Israel with me! (See vision #169 for a description of Apostle John who has blessed Israel with me previously.)

I went back to the white bench but I found myself in the garden outside the temple and Jesus was close by. I have been here several times before. We talked for a bit and He encouraged me to, “Stay faithful to pray.” I then noticed a little girl standing on my right. She was about 6-7 years old and was smiling at me as she touched my arm. Then she spoke and said, “I will see you soon.” And with that, she happily skipped away but before she left, she turned to me again and said, “Bye.” I was perplexed and looked at Jesus and asked Him who this little girl was? He didn’t say anything. I took that as a closed door to her identity for now. I then was thinking of going to the vision area. As I was ascending the tiered steps that went to the side entrance of the temple, I heard Jesus say, “Keep going, daughter.” I understood this to be encouragement to persevere.

I walked and found myself going down the stairs that I always descend, greeted my greeter group and walked over with them to the vision area where the others have already gathered. I looked and I saw once again, people rushing down that narrow bricked street with stone structures on either side. They had expressions of such fear on their faces. Sirens were blaring. On my right, an older Jewish man with a long silver beard, dressed in black with a black hat was standing by a door of a stone wall/structure trying to usher those people inside. I looked up from my perspective standing on the street and saw the sky overwhelmed with flashes and streaks of light. There were explosions going off and I could see flames of fire. The picture changed and I saw a tv news broadcast that was covering what was occurring in Israel. Jerusalem was burning.

I understood this is the Ez. 38 war which will be a short war and that not all of Jerusalem will burn. This war will usher in the antichrist.

Previous visions regarding Israel being attacked and Jerusalem burning. #117 #122162173181241

Previous visions this is the war that will usher in the antichrist. #117, #241


What is the message?

The Lord said, “I am saddened and I take no pleasure in what must happen. Be understanding, I have never left My people but they have left Me and rejected My Son. They are stiff-necked and will have to go through hardship just like in their past when I disciplined them to bring them back to Me. Look at their history. Very soon they will go through the greatest distress; such that has never been experienced before since the beginning or ever will be again. For everything must happen at the appointed time. Pray for Israel; that they would repent and return to Me- the One who is Faithful and Who’s love endures forever.”


I would encourage you to also pray for the continued revival in Israel. I have discovered the incredible ministry of https://www.oneforisrael.org They have been spreading the gospel in Israel in Hebrew and English through Jewish evangelism and Jewish testimonies on-line. Many are coming to know Yeshua/Yahushua as their Messiah. Consider supporting this ministry.

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