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The Remnant in Race Cars – Christian Robert

The Remnant in Race Cars

Nov 17, 2019, 9:38 PM
Christian Robert

Received: 11/17/19

The Lord gave me a dream and a separate vision about cars that are tied together in sequence. I have never experienced this before. The dream happened a few weeks ago, and the vision came today.

It almost looks like a sports game with a first and second half. The dream from a few weeks ago represents the first half of the event, and the vision from today represents the second half of the event. One comes first, and the other follows. God never stops amazing me.

THE DREAM ABOUT CARS (Several weeks ago)

In this dream I was driving a car up a steep hill on a narrow road. When I reached the top of the hill I saw there was another bigger road going from the left to right based from where I was coming from. I did not count the number of lanes of that bigger road, but they may have been about 10 lanes of traffic.

There were many cars driving on that road. The traffic on all lanes was going in just one direction. All the cars had their lights on, and they were all coming from the left side of where I was standing with my car, and they were all driving to the right. I felt like there was one driver in each car, but I did not see that specifically.

I saw the two lights of the car coming on the first lane. They were bright so I could not see what type of car that was. There was a little gap. I took the opportunity to take a right turn. Now I was also one of the cars on this big road with many lanes.

As I looked ahead I started to see the red tail lights of the cars in front on all lanes. Something prompted all to slow down. I did not see any traffic light that caused this slow down and stopping, but it was clear all cars were moved to hold on and wait.


The fact I had to drive my car up a steep hill represents the need to overcome this world.

Each car represents a ministry. The driver of each car is one member of the remnant, and a member of God’s end time’s army.

The cars in the front rows are those who readied themselves first. They are prepared and ready to fulfill their assignments. They are eager to do so and move on. But they are being asked to wait a little longer! In some cases they are finding it difficult to wait.

There are still individual servants driving their cars up the hill, coming from the sides, so they can join the other cars that are already on top of the hill. These represent other brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord is still working on, even as he is finishing the last touches of their refining process.

So there they are, a large number of cars (individual ministries) waiting together in the same spot on top of the same hill. All those cars standing there are God’s army of remnant soldiers, if you can envision this… and they know that at any moment they will see the green light to GO. As it is with regular traffic lights, the light turns from red to green suddenly.

THE VISION ABOUT THE CARS (Today, November 17th)

The vision I had today was very brief. I was not asleep when I saw it. It happened in the midst of my prayer time.

I saw myself driving a car again. There were other cars also to my left and right in other lanes. All of us were driving our cars at a tremendous speed. I saw the white lines that divide the lanes, and they were being passed extremely quickly. The best I can describe the speed we were driving is by looking at the images that you see from the camera of a NASCAR driver during a race, as the white lines on the road fly back.

During my vision the speed never slowed down. We were going and going so fast all the time. It was a constant fast speed drive. It really looked like a NASCAR race, except that we were not competing against each other. It was more like we were driving together.


All the cars I saw in my earlier dream, those that were standing and waiting in all those lanes, were now actually driving in full speed in my vision.

The Lord must have given the green light and now I am seeing a vision where all cars are flying down the road ahead. Everything is happening really fast. There is no time to waste. The harvest is great as many open up to the Gospel for fear of seeing the things that are coming upon the earth, the laborers are few, and the days will also be shortened.

And there will be no slowing down until the day comes the Lord takes his remnant home. They will be asked to focus and work diligently. There will be no vacations or days off. There will be much work to do, all the time, for the souls of many are at stake. It may well be that the urgency of gathering the harvest will be so great, that God may transport his remnant supernaturally from one place to another to help the laborers cover greater areas in less time. Plane or car trips are very time consuming, and due to Marshall law, gas shortages and other obstacles may not even be physically possible.

So the message of the combined dream + vision is telling me this: right now God’s remnant is waiting for the Lord to finish the preparations of his last soldiers, and their refining is coming to an end. But very soon, once the Lord gives the command, everything will be happening extremely quickly, as each member of the remnant will receive his/her individual assignment. Suddenly, everything will be go, go, go….and don’t slow down.

As always, please take this dream + vision and my interpretation to the Lord in prayer for confirmation.

The Lord is amazing.

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