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The Real Number!

December 1, 2020
John 14:29 (KJV)
And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

I have came to you a number of times for a year and half delivering the messages the Lord gave us, not only what I am given but also what is give to many true servants of the Lord. As it pains the Lord, it pains us as well all the readers and the hearers.

In the last message of November 30, 2020, a number is given. I know the number 6 million shook many and I can read the feelings. The truth of the matter is, Is this the DC area which is going to be affect by the calamities? The Atlantic Tsunami, prophesied by many, the meteor spoken about for more than a decade is not alarming but dreadful. I gave a testimony about the tsunami,with an illustrative map, as I saw, which engulfs the east cost, from Florida to the North all the way to and over the Appalachians. The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami and flood, NOVEMBER 15, 2019, MCKANA (https://444prophecynews.com/the-imminent-atlantic-tsunami-and-flood-mckana/)

How many cities are along the east of and beyond east of the Appalachian mountains? How many people live in each city? New York, destined for many- fire, water and shaking, how many people live in the big city of high raises?

When we say 6 million of a specific region, 50 million of the east cost, did we put into account the west cost which is not less than the east cost? Did we put into account the calamities along the New Madrid fault lines?

Did we see what the devastations of the big explosions, quakes and shakes in the East, West, North South and the center? Did we put into account the global cataclysm, when the Alps mountains collapse, the Red see pours over the Rift valley, The Volcanoes erupting everywhere with might?

Didn’t we give a testimony of the invasion of the Norther Army all the way down South Eurasia costing 1 million dear lives a day? Is that invasion only for 6 days?

Don’t be alarmed by a localized calamity of 6 million, see the total picture and mourn while you can.

When we send the messages “The World at a cross road” “A message to the Nations” we were not taken seriously.

Wow numbers, wow Earth, what have we seen? We have seen nothing yet. This is a warning so that all believe when it comes, the Mighty Judgement Hand of Almighty God.

What is The Real Number?

Considering what is coming, there is no enough waning. Now, it is clear how the Lord has beeen patient this long, seeing this dark world and the stench of the Earth.

Repent, Repent, Repent!

Before It Is Too Late.


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