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The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami and flood – McKana

The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami and flood

November 15, 2019

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Numbers 23:19 (KJV)
God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

Job 33:15-18 (KJV)
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;
16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,
17 That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man.
18 He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword .

I thought we saw enough and the warning is out for this long and didn’t expect I will see this, it was not in my mind. The message has been out for a long time, warnings after warnings for years, this is the last warning. It is here, it is imminent. Two visions of the same thing, in less than 15 minutes interval is a big urgent warning.

(Dream/Vision of November 13, 2019, 11:35 PM)

1.The Demarcated geographic map of the US.
Marked for Judgement.

I just slept and didn’t last long. I see the geographic map of the US way from above. I see the land, the greenery, the mountains, the plain land, all clearly like one see the land from a satellite. The land is marked. I see a clear line marked from the North to the south. The clear line I see is a little further past the Appalachian mountains. There are other lined demarcated in other region but this one came out clear and understandable. This is how far the Atlantic tsunami goes. I saw this and knowing what I know in part, I continues with my sleep without giving it much thought. The line drown from North to South, through the eastern cost of the USA, little further to the west of the Appalachians mountain is clearly how the Atlantic Tsunami hits.

2.The Atlantic Tsunami flooding the inland.

In less than 10-15 minutes I saw the descriptive map but with flood as water is released through canal at the same time . I see big flood rushing in the land. The map of the US clearly way down to my view. I have seen earlier the Atlantic Tsunami, years ago, soaring high like a mountain galloping wave after was to the East cost and the land splitting in the region of Delaware/Maryland. What I saw now is not the Atlantic Tsunami but the continuation of the Atlantic Tsunami past the eat cost. This is past the coastline which is submerged by the Tsunami.
I see clearly the water rushing inwards through the lowlands and channels. It is like a water released through canals, multiple canals, many of them at the same time. The difference is, this gust of fast flood is twisted according to the landscape. In the North, I see the speedy flood rushing through the twisted canal between Canada and the US all the way to the great lakes. The same everywhere towards in the Middle and Southern region of the main land. It goes all the way to the Mississippi but not marked on the line. The big flood flows fast like a stream inland with all its twists. The mountains, high lands and most of the land can be seen but the flood, big fast flood is everywhere. It is the Atlantic Tsunami going fast to the mainland finding ways wherever possible, with fast speed and relentless force. The flood water is turbid with soil. I don’t see anything of the East cost from North to south, submerged by the tsunami as demarcated. My attention is on the inner land, way passed the Appalachians. There is no detail, no houses, buildings cities and towns, it is from way up but the turbid fast moving flood with it twists all over the main land.

The Demarcated Map shows, the tsunami pass some distance further from the Appalachians Westwards. The enormous strong flash of flood is in the inland way passing the Appalachians.

In that short instant, I see what is coming clearly.
We know it is coming and that time is much, much closer and this is the last warning.

Isaiah 55:6 (KJV)
Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Repent! Repent! Repent!


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