The Processing Plant and The Insectoid Being – Michelle Katherine Orts

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The Processing Plant and The Insectoid Being

July 19, 2023 8:47 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophetic Dream received from Jesus on Wednesday, July 19th, 2923.

The Prophetic dream I received from Jesus today took place in an out of sight, hidden Used Clothing Processing Plant which processed tons and tons of clothing which had been worn by illegal immigrants and many human souls that those with wicked intent had stolen, the missing and trafficked women, young men and little children, toddlers and even newborn babies.

Jesus took me, in my spirit man, while I slept, to tour this dark, very large, used clothing processing facility. The facility was being used to receive the used clothing and to process the clothing, first to shred the dirty used clothing then to mix it with many thousands of gallons of water to leave then to ferment the fetid broth which would then be somehow eventually distilled into a type of alcohol. I believe in my dream, the final product that was produced in this dank factory type processing plant was a type of topical rubbing alcohol product, not the kind of alcohol that can be consumed.

Important Note! Rubbing alcohol in even very small quantities is absolutely deadly to drink and can cause blindness if just a tiny amount is swallowed. Please KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

Jesus told me that when I wake up that I am to research and to look for any used clothing factories which use the clothing to make alcohol from the clothes. Jesus showed me that factory portrayed in my dream are run by just a few people, some of who actually have a police background.

Two of the people in my dream looked like an older married couple that I knew in the past when my family lived out in Washington State. We all had attended the same church for a while. In real life I knew that the husband in the couple I knew in my dream was also a police officer, a Police Chief, and I heard years later, in real life, that his wife divorced him for having affairs with many young girls.

Jesus told me to research these types of factories that make alcohol type substances from used clothing and said that it will help me/us to find the missing and trafficked children and help us to find those that profit off of their abusive slavery and even worse things.

Side note: I realize that dreams can be interpreted literally or figuratively. I have learned to simply be sensitive to Jesus’ Holy Spirit on a continuing, ongoing and present basis, so that if Jesus’ Holy Spirit would like to add or clarify anything to me about anything from past dreams or prophetic words that I will listen and properly record what is told to me, for myself, my family and for all who the Prophetic Dream or Rhema Word that I received from Jesus is ultimately intended for.

After having this Prophetic Dream from Jesus, but right before I woke up, I was shown by Jesus, a non-human face in association with this child trafficking and used clothes processing plant topic.

Vision. Jesus showed me a living creature that stood up on two legs and had a human-like torso but it had a fully insectoid type head. It looked like an ant’s head mixed between a house fly’s head and a dragon fly’s head and it looked, most, like a Preying Mantis’ head. I could not see its arms or fingers or its appendages or feet at all. It was in the shadows of the corner of factory but outside of the dream that I had been shown. It had been hidden and not shown to me then. I knew this creature was pure evil and that Jesus’ Holy Spirit told me that, “Wicked Men, in association with Lucifer’s earthly hierarchy, had been put in charge of buying/selling all the children and orchestrating many of the behind the scenes transactions and subsequent affiliated hidden industries.” The insectoid entity that I was shown was truly, a very evil, wicked, unfeeling, non-human, zero empathy containing and unfeeling creature. It also had long tentacle like whiskers, flexible horn type protrusions coming up out of its head on each side similar to an ant or Preying Mantis. I saw just two protrusions, one in each side. The creature was mostly gray in its leathery elephant textured skin color tone and looked dead, though it was a moving, living, walking-dead-like thing. It was horrible. I was told by Jesus’ Holy Spirit it my spirit man that this creature was the equivalent to one of our human teenagers in age and was used by higher demonic authority to carry out Satan’s plans here on earth. No human dared argue with it.

Then I woke up.

As I write this down to share with all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Jesus Our Creator The Word, God made flesh, reminds me to say that He, Jesus, has Authority over ALL Creatures and over ALL Creation and Jesus has given us that same Authority for His Glory and His Purposes for His Eternal Kingdom. We are to never Fear anything or anyone that can kill our bodies. We to only have a Reverent and Holy Fear of The Only One Who can Rightfully Judge and kill our Eternal Souls, and that is Jesus our Eternal Judge.

May we and all our family members, all ask and receive, Forgiveness from Our Just Judge for all of our sins we have knowingly and unknowingly done. Thank You Jesus for forgiving me for all my sins in the past which I have willingly and knowingly committed, even foolishly rebelling against You many times over the course of my life. I thank You King Jesus for Your Grace and Mercy for giving me unmerited Favor for forgiving me for the many times that I have unknowingly and ignorantly offended You and sinned against You and Father God. Thank You for Your Cleansing Holy Blood which cleanses me from all my sins from the beginning of my life here on earth to the end. May my name and my household family members’ names remain Forever in Your Book of Life by The Power of Your Holy Spirit sustaining me and allmy household.
Thank You King Jesus that Your Mercy triumphs over Judgement. Help me and all my family, and all Your Adopted Family Members who are my family too around the world, to live Holy before You. Help me and all of us to be a Good Witness to lead others into Your Kingdom. Thank You Jesus I love You, we love You. Amen.

Love, Michelle Katherine Orts, Your TurtleDove, your daughter and friend, and wife to my loving husband Ordained Apostolic Five Fold Minister/Pastor David Orts

PS. Lord Jesus please help David and I and all Christians everywhere put an end to the taking, the abusing, the selling, the trafficking of all of our world’s children in every nation. Give us all Your Holy Power and Holy Boldness. Give us each a sufficient portion of Your Infinite Wisdom, Strength and Love to accomplish the unique tasks set before each one of us as You Sovereignly direct each of our steps individually and corporately as Your Holy Church, as Your Bride whom You are returning for one day soon according to Your Master Plan. I thank You Father God. I thank You Jesus My Lord God and King My Savior My Everything! Thank You Holy Spirit for being My Stand By Helper in ALL Things pertaining to Godliness. Thank You Triune Creator for making me and all humanity in Your Image. Help us all seek You first above everything else. Help us all, each one of us to love you first, then to love our neighbors as ourselves beginning with our own families and sphere of influence. Please empowee each one of us and use each one of us and our spouses, sons and daughters, grandchildren and all our extended family members as You see fit for Your Glory alone Jesus! Help us ALL to save Your Children everywhere in Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray. Amen.

Note to you dear Reader. Make these prayers your own as you feel led to by Jesus. Pray and customize them for yourself and for your family members in intercession for Salvation, Deliverance and Healing for all souls in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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