March 26, 2022 10:50 AM
Sammy Omosh
Jer6:17 I set watchmen over you.Pay attention to the sound of the Trumpet.

Acts26:19Therefore o king Agrippa,I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.

Gen41:5And he fell asleep and dreamed a second time.verse32And the doubling of pharaoh,s dream means that the thing is FIXED by God and God will shortly bring it about.

Jer1:12Iam watching over my word to perform it.
Nahum3:15The sword will cut you off.

Ezek21:9-10A sword sharpened and polished for slaughter.

On 23rd march2022 I woke up at 5:12am.confer 12 twice within four days,means the event is imminent!

I see the following Events unfold:

I am riding together with my cop friend in his Rav4 private car.He is driving dressed in civilian cloth and we are in the vicinity of Thika Town.After a short while he pulls over and parks the car in the District commissioner,s parking slot.I roll the car window up and together we alight to see a crowd of people in groups standing,equally there are many cops around in uniform.Everybody is immersed in the SAD NEWS of the moment.In an earlier dream I see Emergency security meetings held across the country. Security will be put on a very high alert,warranting a state of emergency!

The scene changes and I find myself talking with a family member.I tell her specific messages I had wrote concerning what is coming to this Nation.i give her a brief summary and I see tears streaming down her eyes as I spoke.And then I conclude our conversation with this statement-given the constitution,Now Ruto will be the President.

On 20th march 2022 I see some men carrying a coffin and placing it in an inner chamber.A man next to me tells me it belongs to dignitary{prince}.There will be mourning countrywide in the aftermath of the event.Loud crying and wailing will be heard and seen on TV.{Ezek2:1o-lamentation,mourning and woe.}

A majority of folks will feel like orphans after the sudden demise of the dignitary.I was given details in 2016 and late 2021,that relates to what happened. Supply chain links and Logistics will be disrupted, hence store food,coz you will be hold indoors for a while.I remember in a vision last year,I was away out of the city,but when I finally arrived at the city center-it was a ghost city with countable people!

Once Ruto is crowned to the highest office in the land,it will not be long before he is dethroned through a COUP.This is what I saw on

18thjune2020{Two Govt changes.}The 2nd one will bring Baba in as “the new kid on the block/The new sheriff in Town.I said in that prophecy then that it will be the mother of Breaking news in 40 years.It first and last happened on 1/8/82,then add 40 years and you will find out we are just hanging there now in 2022.

Without Holiness/Righteousness no one will see God,s kingdom:

1.Repent for sham Elections that have been held thrice in a row in this nation since 2007,

2.Repent of high profile murders and less priviledged folks in this country.You can see bodies are found almost everyday in a certain river.

3.Repent of corruption{graft}that is synonymous to this country.You know of Goldenberg,anglo leasing, kimwarer dam,and kemsa scandal.The total accumulated figure will reap your head off!Every sector is laden with graft.The Affluenza syndrome[desire to be rich] is fueling corruption.

4.Repent for the manner in which justice is dispensed in this nation.The culprits walk scotfree coz there pockets are deep.Isa5:23-who acquit the guilty for a bribe and deprive the innocent of his right!

5.Repent for the sin of inviting politicians in the churches and soliciting for harambee money etc.

6.Repent pastors/Christians who drink alcohol.i know of one who comes on TV.Really pastor?

7.Repent of secular music in youth keshas{overnyt prayers}.They sing ‘christianrap/reggae’coupled with disco lights!This is filthy andyou pollute the House of Yahweh.

8.Nude dressing/sagging of trousers in public places and even in church.Will Jesus dress your style if He were to be here in this Era?Muslims have got this right all along.In my previous visit to the Gulf region I did not see any woman/girl dressed skimply,even in the public beach!repent!

9.Christians/pastors observing traditional practices/visiting witchdoctors.This is idolatry and you are crucifying Jesus of Nazareth A SECOND TIME!He purchased us with his shed blood at calvary.Repent!

10.Gospel Artists being hired by politicians to sing in their Campaign rallies.Are you called of GOD or are you a hireling!Peddling Abbas holy music for monetary reward.REALLY?Read Heb13:5!and jer8:10

How do we dare lift holy hands before Jehovah in our Sunday services,while our garments as a Nation is filthy and stained!We pretend to bring sweet smelling aroma{evening sacrifice}while we smell stench before the Lord.Is there holy worship really in our churches?what about the rape of innocent kids and subsequent murder of the same?Pastors with ‘side chicks’,fighting for church leadership in the full glare of TV cameras and misusing church funds and even taking money in cunning ways from innocent congregants!Our abominations will lead to the Lord,s anger consuming us-Ezek43:8

What about the sex scandals in your churches?Sex brothels in the streets/estates-come in and walk out.

Job28:24For He looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the Heavens.verse28Behold the FEAR of the Lord,that is wisdom and to turn away from evil is understanding.

*A society where success is measured by riches.For you to be appointed for a church position you must be weaithy.Really?Does God gauge people this way?Get this right-Pretty soon money will meet it,s Funeral.What will you do?

I hear loudly while asleep a man uttering-2-1-1.Then I tell a man something will happen in the land reminiscent to what happened in 1998.You know what happened to Nairobi and Dar.May you get insight from Ruach hakodesh as to the meaning of 2-1-1.This is not your typical sermon you will get from your pulpits on a Sunday.

May the God of Heaven and Earth hide you under the shadow of his wings and remain protected and provided for.Psalm140:1Deliver me o Lord from Evil men,preserve me from violent men.

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