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The Pox Plague – Anno.Domini.144K

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The Pox Plague

January 28, 2023 10:59 PM

In two dream visions early in the morning a few days ago, the Holy Spirit showed me a plague to come that resembled smallpox. I thought this odd as smallpox is a virus that is supposed to have been eradicated worldwide in 1980.

In the first flash vision, I saw a man’s chest with raised bumps, the pox lesions more pronounced on one side, some so closely spaced that they appeared like red dotted vertical lines. Only a few minutes later, I received a second flash vision, this time of the faces of a man and a woman. On their cheeks, I saw pox marks quite closely spaced with only a little healthy skin in between. The pox lesions were mostly circular, raised not only in the middle but also along the perimeter.

Seeing two flash visions of the same pox plague in the same morning gave me a sense of urgency. Perhaps such a plague is being planned but is not yet a “done deal”. When I awoke, I wondered if what I saw was monkeypox and not smallpox—they both come from the orthopoxvirus family—but the Holy Spirit indicated to me that it was smallpox, variola, which is more lethal. Vaccinations for smallpox for the general public were stopped in the early 1970s. Only two prescription antivirals have been FDA approved for the treatment of smallpox, and neither of them have been tested on humans with smallpox.

I asked the Holy Spirit if any natural cures and treatments for smallpox exist. God provides many cures for diseases in nature, His creation. The Holy Spirit quickly drew my attention to a treatment used successfully by Native Americans and adopted by some 18th and 19th century physicians in the United States and Great Britain with excellent results. The extract of the purple pitcher plant, its botanical name Sarracenia purpurea, stopped smallpox infections from progressing, effecting noticeable reversal and healing in as little as two days. I include links below detailing the efficacy of Sarracenia purpurea in treating smallpox. Some of the material I read stated that Sarracenia purpurea is also effective in treating monkeypox because it is in the same virus family.

God loves His people and would not have them suffer. Jesus Christ is the Great Physician who restores our bodies and souls. Hallelujah! “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

Scientific research articles on the effectiveness of Sarracenia purpurea in treating smallpox:





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