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The Poles Reversed And The Weather Across The World Shifted Rapidly – Shawna Change Coming

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The Poles Reversed And The Weather Across The World Shifted Rapidly

April 7, 2024
Shawna Change Coming
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I had a dream about this. I posted it years ago on my old channel. Eventually, I was shown that the weather in Chicago will be like the weather in Texas, and the weather in Texas will be like the weather in Chicago. I believe that that has been shifting for some time, but it’s going to get a lot worse. I saw that something was going to happen to speed up the process rapidly.

That dream also had a lot of other things in it, like stars, falling to the earth, etc..  It was a Revelations event, and when it happened, the poles reversed and the weather across the world shifted rapidly. I was also warning people to stop looking at all the different beautiful planets in the sky, because they were mesmerized by it. I told them to get in the house because the stars were about to fall to the Earth because one of the planets were carrying the star dust through momentum, which I saw was going to fall to the Earth like tiny meteors.

It was going to affect the water and the trees as well. It burnt up the trees and made the water bitter. I also knew that the darkness was coming right after that… The three days of darkness.

However, I have also been shown that someone will set off a major EMP that will send America into darkness a lot longer, but at least we will have the sun after three days.

Recently, I was shown that a major shift is coming. I don’t know when these things will occur, but it’s coming and we need to be prepared spiritually, in Jesus name 🙏🏽.

For the Saints, this is a very exciting time because as the Lord punishes the wicked, He will gift and elevate the righteous. I was shown that in that dream, and so many others that I’ve had through the years. Glory to God.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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