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The One Hour Walk – Lisa B


The One Hour Walk

January 12, 2022 12:20 AM
Lisa B
Prayer Warrior

Vision received – End of December 2021

I saw a little girl (around 4 years old) in a long-sleeve, lilac, Victorian vintage looking dress.
She gazed at a painting that leant against a wall, it was in a golden gilded ornate frame that was taller than her.

I didn’t see most of the painting as her dress was in front of it, all I could see was a dark navy blue sky and in the top left corner a bright (Van Gogh style) swirly sun.

The little girl reached up to this corner of the frame and pulled it closer to her to have a better look at the painted sun, it was then that the sun vanished from the painting leaving the navy sky in its place.

(At this point in the vision, I gasped realising that the sun had gone and that it represented the 3 days of darkness.)

Immediately the little girl’s head vanished, and then her hands vanished leaving only the lilac dress behind.

End of Vision.

I’m sure there is symbolism in the detail I am missing, but I realised this is more confirmation of the children disappearing around the same time as the Three days of darkness.

A few nights ago, I had two different dreams in one night of both my children disappearing. In the first dream they were gone and I was alone.

In the second dream, my uncle (who leaves on the West Coast of Australia) knocked on my door (I’m on the east coast o Aus.)

I haven’t seen him in over 10 years. I opened the door and he asked if he could take my two children (Age 10 and 11) out for a walk….just a short walk around the whole of Australia.

In the dream, this seemed exceptionally normal to me, ignoring the fact that my children don’t know him and of course the absurdity in taking the stroll around such a large continent.

The most interesting part to me was that I perceived that the walk would only take them… about one hour.

I said yes and off they went.


Having two separate dreams on one night I believe highlighted the urgency of the children’s imminent departure.

The Holy Spirit pressed on me that the one hour slot of time for the journey, was the focus of the dream.
I believe the bride/remnant will perceive losing their children as we would perceive the time in taking a stroll. (Whilst the non-bride would perceive the walk as years and years and would be in mourning over this.)

This was encouraging to me as I have discussed with the Lord how distracted I might be missing them, and I don’t want to be distracted in my assignments.
It seems upon or before transformation we will possibly understand this as being a really short interval, more like one hour.

Blessings to you all as we wait patiently and rest in the Lord.

Hug your children daily and tell yourself that when they go: ‘Not to worry……it’s just for one hour.”

Lisa B.


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