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The Number!

November 30, 2020

Regardless of the fear the messages cause among people, we have to report what we are given as we have received it, with no alteration. This message was given on August 19, 2015. Who though this day will come with its glaring reality of near cataclysm. The message has to go out regardless. Sorry for the repetitions, the first part is omitted.

Chaos Number Two and the Number!
(August 19, 2015 2-3AM)

I had a bad dream. I see a disturbing seen everywhere. It is dark, very frightening. In one side, to the left, I see the front of the White House crumbling, the pillars collapsing down, dark ruins and rust. Flood gusting on the the buildings in the North East. Chaos has reigned everywhere. In my back, I see an evil spirit dressed like a batman but black, dark, running around and raking havoc. Then I heard “6 millions will die” (I didn’t include this number in the message posted few days earlier from the concern of causing panic). Very strange. One of the very disturbing dream I had.

The rest of the chaos are what were posted in this site through this and last year, the Earthquake and the tsunami, the economic collapse, the war and the invasion which I receive in three weeks time.
In the last few months, what I have bee seeing in repeated visions, in dim darkness was cities in ruins, dark rusted ruins, buildings collapsing, a complete destruction. This is one more confirmation to what the Lord have been showing for many.

The number I am given is “6 million will die”
I have no idea the Washington metropolitan has a population of 6 million. I leaned today November 24, 2020 after I posted the first message):6 million
The Washington metropolitan area has a population estimated at over 6 million, which makes it the 7th largest metro area in the United States.

Considering the impact of the mountain size tsunami which reach the Appalachian mountains, the number give above is a fraction of the total death and devastation it causes.



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