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The Five phases of Chaos – McKana

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The Five phases of Chaos

August 7, 2015 3:15AM


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The First Phases of Chaos of The Coming Five.
McKana, November 24, 2020
Isaiah 46:10 (KJV)
Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

It has been five years since I received these vision. The expectation was, each year, even then in 2015, the events will come to pass. The timing of the Lord is not the same as ours. Our prayers and the grace of the Lord has been holding it but now it is certain that time is up, it is here.

The Five phases of Chaos!
(August 7, 2015 3:15AM)

I was sleeping sound. All of a sudden, I see a dream of full chaos. I am asking what it is. There came to me an understanding which reveals the five phases of Chaos.

I see people running around in chaos, confused and not knowing what to do, then the word came “This is the first phase of chaos of the coming five”.
I didn’t ask nor receive any sort of revelation as to the time and duration of each phase. My understanding is we are in the first phase of chaos.
I was trying to understand and find meanings to it, then, I heard the Lord say “You are living under my commission!”.

Meaning, an authoritative order, charge, or direction, Authority granted for a particular action or function (As it is recorded in 2015).

1. Chaos number one.
(August 14, 2015 3:30AM)

There are a good number of people in front of a gate. Behind, it looks there is a house with a gate and fence around it. The people in front of the gate are in utter chaos. There are armed government forces. They look like police, dressed with blue shirts and civilian pants, armed with guns pointed at the people running in all direction. They are disarming the people. I am among them and they searched if I have a gun. I have a gun in holster on my left side, I am dressed well standing tall. The armed man searched but couldn’t find the gun. Then, second round, another one came and asked me ”do you have a gun?” I showed him and he took the gun and I am left with a yellow, good looking holster.

Then, they rounded up the people and kept them in the a ditch by the right side of the the gate near the street. They have their guns pointed at the people from all direction, some look in the verge of firing at them. I am also there in the ditch. There is a well known movie Star, African American, by my left side, Will Smith, sort of docking from the danger. I asked him, touching his side for his attention “what are you doing here?’ He looked at me didn’t say anything. Then, I looks the armed men, government forces, going to bring out people from the compound, to line them up and execute them. We all are eager to see the incident. Some are coming running towards the scene. Then, before the execution I woke up.
This is a public unrest, social chaos in the order of number one.

(Will Smith had a wife named Jada Holmes implaying Jade Helm 15 is Martial Law in The USA). Civil unrest, chaos and Martial Law in the US is imminent.

2. Chaos Number Two!
( August 19, 2015 2-3AM)

I had a bad dream. I see a disturbing seen everywhere. It is dark, very frightening. In one side, to the left, I see the front of the WH crumbling, the pillars collapsing down, dark ruins and rust. Flood gusting on the the buildings in the North East. Chaos has reigned everywhere. In my back, I see an evil spirit dressed like a batman but black, dark, running around and raking havoc. Then I heard many millions will die (I have the number not included here). Very strange. One of the very disturbing dream I had.

The rest of the chaos are what were posted in this site through this and last year, the Earthquake and the tsunami, the economic collapse, the war and the invasion which I receive in three weeks time.

In the last few months, what I have bee seeing in repeated visions, in dim darkness was, cities in ruins, dark rusted ruins, buildings collapsing, a complete destruction. This is one more confirmation to what the Lord have been showing for many.

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