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The Nation, You & Me

December 30, 2020 9:00 AM
The Pen

December 2020

In a town on a street was a private house owned by a man. He was upstairs in bed on an upper floor, with his face to the wall. He was on his deathbed, or very ill. The house was full of servants, and then I realized these servants were actually demons posing as servants of the man, but they had the run of the house, like it was really theres. He was unaware of their true identity.

The servants got into a scrum and had a conference on strategy on how to finish off this person, once and for all. Then I realized the man was You, Me and the Nation itself. The servants were evil incarnate. They were unaware I was watching.

Suddenly I heard someone singing in the street…I went to a window on the street side of the house, and looked out of the window. Down on the other side of the street was a man sitting on a bench that was in front of a house. The man looked non-descript but really was Jesus. He was singing “I AM knocking at your door, will you let me in?”

The servants realized what was going on and freaked out. They had another conference, this was one was an emergency strategy session. Did the man hear and answer the call of Jesus, I do not know? The servants were still in the house when the dream faded. The end was a question, the answer is still up to You, Me and the Nation.

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