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The Momentum Building up towards the “Third World War.”

June 10, 2022 2:59 PM

June 10, 2022

Proverbs 19:20
“Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.”

Nothing is new, the much feared world war is here nocking the door of every inhabitant of the world. For such final Biblical cataclysmic event, no one can prepare enough. The primary preparation for all is to stay in faith close to the Lord and endure to the end.
The Lord has given us His word “In the moment they least expect, we depart!!!”- how sweat the words of the Lord are for those faithful laboring this long.

1. Ukraine and Russia.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is ramping up. There is No let up. From small range to long range missiles, from light to heavy war machines, from small to wider devastation, death and destruction is building up. Directly or indirectly, more countries are getting involved. The total picture has taken a transition from regional war to global geopolitical and economic disaster. The impart of this initial stage of global war is being felt around the glob. It is evolving many and expanding wider.

This war is opening the door for other regional and an unexpected conflict zones. What we see and witless is the prophetic word of the Lord unfolding speedily towards the end.

2. Middle east/ Persian Gulf.

The much talked about Iran nuclear deal has reached a dead end. The surveillance camera are being turned off, the enrichment is ramping up to higher level and the tension is building up. For those who follow the news, Iran has amassed all sort of war machinery, long rang missiles, mass building up of drones with a stolen technology from the west, land, air and ocean capacities. Israel is making the final preparation to take action. When the world is in pain from gas prices and food shortage from the Ukraine-Russia war, the much bigger conflict between Iran and Israel is heading to the blocking of the transit from and to the Persian gulf. The flow of oil from the region will be affected to lead the world to much bigger crisis.

3. The Far East

North Korea has conducted many tests of all sorts of missiles. The nuclear capacity of N. Korea is increasing. NK have tested land and submarine based, short and long range missiles, and the worst is coming soon. The whole region is in much bigger inevitable danger. The West, South Korea, Japan and eventually Russia and China will be dragged to this bigger crisis.

4. China, Taiwan, South China sea.

From what we hear and the evidences coming out, China has finalized the preparation to take over Taiwan. The story of China is not limited to Taiwan alone. South China sea and furthermore the surrounding smaller states and the west will be dragged to a major conflict and war for the end.

5. The West.

The west is still in the assumption of conflicts confined wherever they are currently sparked. The bigger picture is, the west, Europe, UK and the US are going to get engulfed in a global war suddenly and without expectation. As we have seen, many of the messengers have given many testimonies stating that it is in bright day light when everyone is having a sunbath in the beached where the big missiles rain from the open air.

There are many sensitive and tense area to add to the already volatile situation. India and Pakistan, India and China, the South American world, the much bruised Cuba and many far and near enemies of the west will join the fire to fry the much relaxed west.

In the last few years, we have given many prophetic words from the Lord regarding the above 5 points and many more. Those who have listened are ready, the unprepared word is caught in the fire from disobedience. Still, countless many think this is temporary and will go away. The final statement is, We Are At The End.

In a very limited scope, this is the war front. Remember what we have learned this long from the Lord. All the prophetic words are coming to pass in their prescribed time.

From the gravity of the situation, the writer of this message feels we have reached the final moment and we might not be able to communicate as we used to. For any eventuality, this is not a bye, this is”meet you up yonder.” If the Lord allows, we will communicate through this open door, but for sure not much long.

I saw one prophetic word in the early stages of the pandemic. Like many of the messages, this is short but precise and for this time, worth visiting again:-

“World War 3 broke out without warning.
MAY 6, 2021 3:21 PM, ROCKY96

Brothers and Sisters I had a dream not long ago and I have to share with it.

It starts out so beautiful and sunny [something like August carefree holidays] and suddenly World War 3 broke out without warning. There were tanks everywhere on the earth: planes, the army of all armies. former long-range missiles with warheads of mass destruction. Everywhere there was FIRE AND PILLARS OF SMOKE, something like a tsar bomb from a massive nuclear bomb exploding; as in the book of Joel 3. There was nowhere to run and Everywhere BLOOD, FIRE: also people were burned alive by the sun. The screams of the people were unbearable with the pain. A fiery star from the sky hit the Pacific Ocean wiped everything off the face of the earth 200/400 meter tsunami waves cleared everything. rockets are nothing. All buildings destroyed Scenery like from terminator 2029 or Oblivion or something. Darkness everywhere, destruction, dust from the fall of nuclear warheads or Firestar. few survived. a handful of people survived unscathed, they were holding a book with a cross – the Bible. and I woke up all sweaty and wet because I had the impression that it was going to happen soon and I drew Luke 21 in the night. I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon and you need to hold on to JESUS ONLY. I have the impression that I have to do something else for the KING OF GLORY.”



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