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The Mississippi Basin and the Impending Catastrophe – McKana

The sketch of the vision.

The Mississippi Basin and the Impending Catastrophe

September 19, 2023 8:58 AM

September 19, 2023

Proverbs 22:3(KJV)
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Since we are almost at the end, in the phase of the conclusions of the messages and warnings, I didn’t expect to receive a message this big. This vision is a major catastrophe which involves the life of many in different states along the basin of the Mississippi river. It is definitely hard on many to understand and accept the coming reality. All are advised to be strong for the coming is going to bring an unimaginable challenge-death, pain and suffering on the lives of many millions. Lord have mercy! This is a call for repentance, prayer for mercy, not to throw fear on people. Many of us know this is coming. Very few are aware and ready, yet many countless are in the darkness to face the unexpected sudden destruction.. Take this to the Lord and share the message with all you can reach.

In the last few years, the Lord has revealed and warned about almost everything to come through His loyal messengers. I have shared many of what I was given. From the previous visions, dreams and revelation I was given and shared, few were:-

1. The fate of the East coast beyond the Appalachian mountains.
2. The Fate of the West Coast beyond the San Andreas fault line.
3. The major earthquake which splits the continent of the North America along the Mississippi river

The vision given bellow is the details of the fate of the region along the Mississippi basin.

The Mississippi Basin the Impending Catastrophe.
(Vision of September 19, 2023. 5:12AM)

The point of Vision-I see the clear and crisp Earth below, from the sky, high up of the Gulf of Mexico. I see the continent of North America as clearly as possible and the change which has taken place from the impending devastation. I see the light green yellow land and the body of water which covered the changed landscape.

The Vision

The focus of the vision is the basin, the region of the Mississippi river. For simplifying the vision, if one places a point between the junction of the southern end of the states of Michigan and Illinoi and draw a triangle or pyramidal shape joining half of the Western end of Florida and the half of the eastern end of Texas, that will give the region of focus. The traingular land between the three points is covered by water. The waters of the great lakes has merged with the water of the Gulf of Mexico. The whole of few of the states and half of some states in the triangular region are submerged under water. From the vision give, It is possible to mention what stats are fully or partly covered under water but concerned about throwing fear on many, I chose to leave it as it is. As many states in the region are under water, most of Florida is submerged under water but a small island is left from the southern end of the state. Most of the land beyond the Appalachian mountains is under water. This is the result of the coming major earthquake and the tsunami and the flooding which follows.

Beware and be warend of this major devastation beyond human imagination.

Repent, Repent, Repent!



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