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The love of the world gone cold!

February 16, 2022 1:57 PM

February 16, 2022

1 John 2:15(KJV)
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

When the attack from the enemy gets very unbearably sever, when temptations arise and drive us in the wrong direction, when the world tells us “You are the most hated person in this world” for telling them to repent, when every aspect of life seems to go wrong, have we ever thought of why, other than the evil of the enemy.

When things go wrong, as I have stated a number of times, we think we are left alone. We know the Lord can do everything, there is nothing impossible for the Lord. Then why does the Lord lets the enemy run wild on us?

Number one, we have to do our share of the fight. When the enemy crosses the line, the Lord takes a swift measure. I have personally witnessed this a number of time. When we think we are exposed to danger, to the wild hungry beast, the Lord comes to surprise us with unimaginable swiftness?

One example. It was in 2009, during the cold snowy winter. I had a bad sleep, the attack was throughout the night. I have to get up at 5:00AM to go to work. I finished what I have to do, went out to work. On my way out, I have to drop the monthly rent to the administration of the town homes. I dropped the rent, entered my car, start driving without putting on the seatbelt. I joined the metro parkway and realized I forgot fasting the seatbelt. For a moment, I turned to the left to pull the seatbelt. In that moment, the car started sliding left and right on the glassy iced snow. Instead of the break, I pressed on the gas speeding fast, sliding on the ice. I almost hit the person in front of me and ended up down the side of the road. The car didn’t overturn but stood inclined almost to fall on the side. Starting the moment I was sliding on the snow, I was screaming loud saying “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” I came out of the car with struggle, the person in front of me and many passersby tried to help. I saw many scrambling in front and from my back on the icey road. From a little far behind us, one car has flipped upside down, the other in front of us on the street is sliding forward with no control to smash on the cars in front of it. What a mess. The car is pulled out, went to the garage, washed and found out no a single scratch on it. This was a car which was supposed to be totaled. I am safe, the car is good, went back home and rested the day. I still drive the same car. This is the swift miracle of Jesus. The enemy almost took me before my time.

Number two. The reason the Lord watched while we go through the trauma of the attack from the enemy is because it is also part of our training. A training to exercise the weapons we have, the armor of the gospel and a training for the final.

The third reason is, the Lord wants us to know how bad the enemy is. The enemy, destined to the lake of fire is trying to destroy us to go with him to hell. This is a deadly evil enemy which makes enemies out of families, friends and loved ones

I have gone through a lat. One of the lots is the temptations of life. Temptations come in different forms and kinds. Without going in to the details, what the Lord says to me regarding temptations is “Do not miss heaven for the system of the world.” This is in regards to the lust of the flesh telling us not to choose the world over our eternal life.

I must have bothered the Lord a lot looking at life in the world. The love of life in the word is very tempting. Seeing the way of life of the world is a challenge. Sometimes it feels we are strangers to this world, alienated from all corners. I was puzzled why all this happening to me, I couldn’t find a meaning to the harshness and the bitterness building inside me. The Lord was upset with me and said “I came to visit you and you are feeding me with your bitterness!” Woe! Woe! Woe to me! Do I know I was feeding the Lord with bitterness or am I aware of the surprise visit of the Lord? From the life I live, the attackers I endured, I knew I was angry but I didn’t realize that I was that bitter to disappoint our loving Lord. I am so sorry and I repent of my sin.

Time passed with the struggle of life and the merciful Lord came to tell me saying “I have driven cold the love you have for the world” The love of the Lord , the care of the Lord is this perfect to protect us from the love of the world too. The Lord doesn’t only say “Love not the world.” The Lord also makes the love we have for the world cold. How does the Lord do that is specific for us in an individual bases.

The Lord hears all, sees all, knows all and can do all.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world!

The reason for making many mistakes in the messages I post, sometimes magnified as headings, are because I was blind and now work with one eye. The natural lenses of both eyes are out by surgery and replaced by artificial lenses. One of them works good, my eyes from the outside look normal but the other is myopic (very short sighted), astigmatic (oblong and deformed in shape) and both eyes have floaters (web like floating fibers in the posterior chamber of the eyes. The Lord told me I will see without glassesn, now I see with and without glasses but my vision sometimes look double, up and down and blurred. All of these problems emanate from one sickness and there are many more which doesn’t need to be mentioned here. Some mistakes makes a person look like an utter fool. I am sorry and I apologize if I have offended any one without knowing. Now, I hope all understand. What can we do, we are all the children of Almighty God, all unique in kind.

Partly, the shaking PC problem is fixed.

The post a week ago was about Kim Long Un the son, not Kim ill sung the father who is diseases years ago. Kim is Kim and Long Un is not ill sung.



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