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School kids leading classmates to Jesus – Anonymous

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

School kids leading classmates to Jesus

April 15, 2024 8:28 AM

I just wanted to share an exciting prophecy my sister in Christ shared with me recently.

She said someone had shared with her that in the endtimes the children in schools would actually lead other children to Jesus with the leading of the Holy Spirit and many kids would become followers of Jesus!

Well right after that happened my stepdaughter shared with me that her friend from school wanted to accept Jesus and wants to go to church but her parents don’t go to church.

I told my stepdaughter time is short and so we wrote out the salvation prayer and she gave her friend a Bible and she accepted Jesus. This brought tears of joy to my eyes!

Then a few days later my stepdaughter told me another friend wanted to accept Jesus! We wrote out the salvation prayer again to give to her friend . Please pray for these girls walk with Jesus ! Also pray that this mighty move of God would happen all over the world !

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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