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The Lord: True to His word

May 19, 2020
Psalm 12:6 (KJV)

The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Since we are not out of the woods, a little light about the current pandemic and its deadly potential. The Lord told us through many witnesses, including the writer, that the corona virus is Genetically engineered. We trust the Lord and here, the evidence of their work is presented in short. It is our job to revel the truth.

I have done a lot of Genetic engineering work through basic molecular Biology techniques for therapeutic applications. This is the kind of work I have been doing for over 25 years years. Cloning and expressing gents for therapeutic application. Slicing DNA(restrictive digestion), fusing(ligation), transforming(putting the cloned DNA into cells, bacteria, yeast, cells) and expressing(producing) the protein. Many, many clones:-Hemoglobin for blood substitute, Antibodies, small and big proteins and fusion proteins etc. It is molecular Biology basics. Even though this engineering work sounds a much sophisticated science, it is basic molecular biology techniques, easy to understand and basic science to do.

They used our money, NIH grant, they used our technique-Genetic engeneering, they used our reagents and they used out experimental tools, the enzymes, the human lung cells, the mice and material to engineer the Corona virus.

No one needs advance knowledge of molecular Biology and Genetic Engendering technique to understand what they have done in the lab (You will find out when you read the published scientific paper at the end)

Leaving aside the laboratory jargon/terminologies, what they have done is:-

  1. 1.Change the RNA of two different virus(SARS and Corona) to DNA(Reverse transcription)- RNA to DNA.
  2. 2.Fuse the two DNA through ligation (The back bone of SARS virus and the spike of Corona virus)
  3. 3.Change the fused DNA to RNA(DNA dependent RNA polymerization).DNA back to RNA.
  4. Introduce the cloned viral RNA into cells and propagate the virus.
  5. Harvest the cloned, genetically engineered chimeric/ hybrid virus
  6. Infect human lung epithelial cells as well as infect mice and produce the disease.
  7. Tried to produce Immunotherapy and vaccine which they didn’t fully succeed

In short they cloned a virulent virus strain and made it more infectious (SARS-COV+Spike protein of wild Bat corona virus). The cloning of spike protein from wild Bat corona virus is the most important engineering work they have done which made it more infectious to human lung and mouse lung cells. The spike protien is the surface protein of the corona virus which helps the virus gain entry to cells of the lung and other organs.

The scientific work they have done is published in Nature in April of 2016 for all to see with the intention of creating an epidemic in the lab scale. They got not only epidemic but a pandemic.

After cloning the hybrid virus, the progress they made after 2016 matters much.

The sad part of the story is, the US government stoped the funding for the research when they try to experimental infect primates (monkeys apes etc). They knew it is much close to human, that is why they stopped the fund but number one, they have done the experiment in human lung cell and number two, their experiment suggests the bat corona virus can infect humans, no need to go further. In the meantime they cloned, engeneered a deadly virus. It was very easy for the virus to jump from the mice to human in their own lab, intentionally or not, it did.

Evidently, It is worth mentioning that the location of their virology laboratory they were experimenting with corona virus is few miles, less than 50 miles, from the market they say the pandemic originated.

The Lord told us this pandemic strain is cloned, genetically engineered. True to the words of the Lord, their work tells the same story.

They are not going to come out and tell the world they did this and created pandemic. The laboratory evidence has vanished but the virus is in the population. Future, if there is any future, sequence studies the virus will revel the identity or difference of their lab strain and the virus in the public. Already, mutants of the current pandemic have stated appearing everywhere. One or more can become deadly or the same from the work of the evil one through wicked hands.

As to me, from the words of the Lord and from all the scientific evidence and circumstantial evidence, I am convinced that, this pandemic is the product of cloning through Genetic Engineering in their lab in the place where the pandemic originated. With this potential, they can come up with a variety of deadly infections viruses. The know how is there. They have the potential and the know how to clone and create a deadly epidemic/pandemic..

Here is the article-The first few pages are enough to see what they have been messing up with.

Trust The Lord In His word!

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