The Lord is truly coming! – Victoria Ang

The Lord is truly coming!

Victoria Ang


Last night I spent many hours in intercessory prayer. Seeking the Lord for many he has put in my path to help. ALL GLORY AND HONOR IS ONLY THE LORDS! I am a mere servant of the Lord . I love him with every ounce of my being. I know many of us are tired and weary in these battles. Lately for the past several weeks the Lord has given me encouragement ,DAILY! Some I post to encourage others . Some I am not led to share. That being said I am feeling led to share what occurred since early morning hours.

Around 12:30 AM I received a vision from the Lord. In the vision I saw the clouds opening from heaven and the Lord descending from heaven on a white horse coming towards me…….. the vision ended….

I continued to stay in prayer and FINALLY fell asleep! I only slept a few hours but was awoken to feeling my body pulsating and seeing in a vision THE FIRE OF GOD coming from my body with every pulse!….. The fire became more and more intense with every pulse!….. I then AGAIN … saw the same vision of the Lord coming at a gallop towards me!!

Interpretation :

The Lord is truly coming ! Those that he has raised up to help bring in the final harvest will shortly manifest themselves in his Full glory ! And the fire of his Spirit will manifest fully on those that have given their ALL to serve him!! …….

We are all at different levels! God looks at our hearts and the willingness to serve him and others! This life is not about ourselves but doing the works of our Heavenly Father!

May his truth and ONLY his truth come forth upon those that diligently seek him!!

God bless and strengthen you ! May his encouragement to us all ,revive our spirits , knowing he surely is on his way! Carrying with him every promise he has given us to fully manifest the way he intended!!

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