The Lord is preparing his end time army – Victoria Ang

The Lord is preparing his end time army

May 6, 2020
Victoria Ang

I was woken several times last night to pray and would fall back to sleep. The very moment I awoke for the morning ,I received three visions one right after another.

In the first vision I was nursing a new born baby at my chest .Holding the baby tight with affection.

Second vision I saw myself with a very large oversized sword flinging it around at demons slaying them.

Third vision I saw a very thick tree truck like the kind that is used for lumber. As I watched this tree it started to rise a few inches. Then I saw new branches form at the very top of the tree reaching out in every direction .And was growing very fast as it spread out.And the visions ended.


The Lord is preparing his end time army. Those he sends us ,will be loved and nurtured with the word of God. Sustaining them with life.
Using the sword of the spirit to destroy the enemy. And the POWER OF THE LORD.

The tree represents those that are GROUNDED AND FIRMLY ROOTED in the Lord.STANDING STRONG IN THE WORD OF GOD.We will be RISING UP and spreading out doing the works of God, to bring forth new life in those that are babies in Christ.Through the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT .All this will occur at a fast rate………..

Be blessed and encouraged as we wait on our Heavenly Father! Jesus Christ ❤️


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