The Little ones are leaving soon – Lisa B

The Little ones are leaving soon

March 12, 2020 10:33 PM
Lisa B – Prayer Warrior, Australia.

I have been receiving flash visions for a year now, some have been in regards to our children leaving. Here are some received.

Vision 1 – July 2019

This vision was in response to me asking the Lord if my son would be taken with the little ones. I was worried he would be too old at age 9/almost 10 and left behind.

The Lord has already shown me my daughter is going and she is 8. She is very close to the Lord.
I received a mosaic of scenes, like a photo flip album. It started with:

  • Photo1 – of a young child, (Approx 3 years old)
  • Photo2 – my 9 year old son lifting up a baby and putting it on his hip.
  • Photo3 – 2 young blonde sisters on a deck, looking out onto fields in the countryside. (4 or 5 years.)
  • Photo 4 – A classroom of children sitting on a mat cheering. (Approx 7 year.)
  • Photo 5 – A teenage girl walking down a street carrying an art portfolio. (Approx 14 years.)

The spirit pressed upon me that these children were going. I laughed when I saw my son looking after a baby.I’m still not sure whether its all children, or just the small ones and then selected older ones, those close to the Lord.

Vision 2 – 15th October

Many of my visions have been about fruit. Bananas, apples, oranges, passionfruit. All referencing the first fruits and fruits of the spirit.

I received a vision of my daughter holding a banana. I have had a vision of floating bananas since then.
I’m wondering if the children will form majority of the first fruits in the first harvest?

Vision 3 – 31st October 2019

  1. A boy on a soccer field walking away looking up. (My son plays soccer, so we are always on a soccer field somewhere.)
  2. 2 soccer boys with their mum all looking up.

With these visions I received the words in my spirit: ‘LOOK UP.’

Vision 4 – 14 Feb 2020

I received a flash vision of a yellow bag of sweets with the number 34 on it.

On 15th Feb, the following day I came across the following prophecy on prophecy444 news site.

Ticket No. 17 & The Children’s Bus!
DEC 7, 2019 8:18 AM

Please read this prophecy for further confirmation.
Without repeating the entire prophecy above, the lord brought the ticket number to my attention. If the children were leaving on the yellow bus then I would need to buy 2 tickets for my 2 children. ( 17 +17) = 34.

The yellow bag is the bus.
The sweets are the children
34 is 2 tickets for my children.

Vision 5 – 18 February 2020.

The Lord confirmed the vision above a few days later. I saw 2 yellow school buses full of children driving down a hill away from one of the Christian schools here in Queensland.

Please take all this to the Lord for confirmation, I welcome any other interpretations or confirmations. I prayed about what to tell my children, as they are too young and I don’t want them to worry.

I ended up telling them that the little ones will be going at the end of time. I have said it will be the babies and toddlers, those too young to know right from wrong, but just in case it happens in their lifetime, they should always stay close to Jesus. (And say hello and thank you to whichever angel comes to fetch them.)

My prayers and blessings go out to the USA everyday.

May we all be strong in the Lord and hide under the shadow of his wing for a little while longer.

Shalom and God Bless
Lisa B.

Isaiah 49:22
Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people: and they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.

Micah 1:16
Oh, people of Judah, shave your heads in sorrow, for the children you love will be snatched away. Make yourselves as bald as a vulture for your little ones will be exiled to distant lands.

Prophetic Vision – Lisa B – The Little Ones Are Leaving Soon (1)

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  1. trisha

    I heard a prophecy by i think its from ken peters about young children ..before or at the beginning of the trib. Can’t remember exactly.

    I will add here tho, what I saw in Spirit were 2 different where people came out of their graves but I saw people in white robes floating upwards towards heaven…then at the second coming, those ho are alive and remain to the coming of the Lord Jesus/Yeshua…

    re 1 thess 4….The Return of the Lord

    13Brothers, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you will not grieve like the rest, who are without hope. 14For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, we also believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him.

    15By the word of the Lord, we declare to you that ‘we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord’ will by no means precede those who have fallen asleep. ( NOTE- the dead go up first) 16For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a loud command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God,’ and the dead in Christ will be the first to rise.’ ’17After that, we who are alive and remain’ (aka second coming) will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will always be with the Lord.

    18Therefore encourage one another with these words.

    At the time I received this dream I was not even a believer in Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Catholic Church but had never personally invited the Lord Jesus to come into my heart to be my Lord. As a practicing Catholic, I had no knowledge of what the Bible said about the tribulation period or any of the events of the last days.

    When the dream began, I heard what sounded like a loud car horn. Then I saw people coming up out of their graves all over the world. People were not coming up out of every cemetery plot, just some of them. Even in the same cemetery there were other plots with nobody resurrected from them.

    These resurrections were very violent. It was like the earth was receiving a small explosion and breaking open. I literally saw dirt flying. This was happening all over the globe. Those who were resurrected were clothed in white robes. It looked like they were wearing choir robes. The light glimmered off of their clothing. Their clothes and their bodies appear brighter than the sun. Their clothes made the men look very masculine and the women look very feminine. They looked mature but they did not look old. Those who had lost their hair had all of their hair back again. Young people who were resurrected were still young but yet had maturity about them.

    All those who came out of the graves just disappeared. I never saw them go up into the clouds. They just vanished.

    I did not see one single living person changed into a new body. I did not see any changes coming to any living person.

    As soon as the resurrected people disappeared from the earth mass hysteria spread across all the people left on the earth. People had the appearance of absolute despair. There was pandemonium everywhere. There was mass chaos, lawlessness, and fear everywhere. I was able to see in many quadrants of the earth and this was not just happening in one nation but it was all over the globe. The hysteria brought perplexity to just about everyone. Everyone had a look of hopelessness on their face. Nobody seemed to be happy about living. Lawlessness and fear permeated society completely.

    No one was isolated from the despair that was hitting the world. No one was hidden from it. It was engulfing the whole globe. I was able to see into different regions and different continents and everyone was experiencing this. It was almost as though the whole world had become like a third world nation, completely behind the times.snip….

    ……A very unusual thing was occurring at this time in the earth. Babies were being abandoned just about everywhere. Almost on every street corner were babies being abandoned left in their little baby seats or baby baskets. This was very strange because they were anywhere from infancy to 16 or 18 months old. I could tell there were not any babies over the age of two.

    We begin to pick up children everywhere and we began taking care of these children. I kind of joined up with this group of people because they were the only ones that seem to have any peace at this time anywhere in the whole earth that I had experienced.

    Some very unusual things were happening with this group of people. It was amazing to me how they could meet people’s physical needs. They would always run into people that were in need and they would meet their needs and then somehow lead them to Christ. No I didn’t know how to do any of this yet because I had just hooked up with them.snip…

    I had some very old dreams come to mind when reading your post…one where we were walking up the gravel road, there is a big old decrepid house on one side and I’m thinking ‘sars’ because the ducks and geese were upside down in the waters, after that my son and I walked up the road a bit and then he vanished, shortly after that I saw the golden cross in the sky at my departure.

    Short dream, was at my parents camp on the lake and im talking to my friend dannielle as we were approaching the camp from the gravel road. Feels like fall time of year too somehow. As we were talking I was suddenly swept up in a grey tornado and I clearly remember seeing its clear blue sky an fluffy white cloud center. I was not afraid either??!!

    Lately I been getting images of a very futuristic city/cities in the way far distant future. Why, don’t know either!

  2. Trinidadwarrior777

    This dream
    reminds me of the Railroad trains during the Holocaust.It scares me because There was a previous post if a parent who dreamt these school buses were taking our children to their deaths.We were told it was for their safety and they denied the parents rights to take them home! The rapture theory means death I know that now.I fear for the children because I dont believe these government officials will be merciful whoever takes our children by force!There are too many enslavements going on of missing children being sold overseas. I pray for their safety every day!

  3. Alida

    Hallo, fellow QLDer! God bless you, dear sister!

  4. Lisa B

    Good bless you too Alida. I am on the Gold coast which will also be hit by the Australia East coast Tsunami. I hope you are inland. I have had a vision of wading through my house waist deep. They Lord wants me to stay where I am though, for now anyway.

  5. Alida

    We are in Deception Bay, North of Brisbane, 1 km from the sea. We are packing to move, not knowing whereto yet, we are waiting on Jesus’ instructions!

  6. Paul Morgan

    Lisa – There Is NO SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE That The Children Will Be Taken First.

    And, Further IF THEY WERE TAKEN FIRST That Would VIOLATE SCRIPTURE Because It Says In Revelation 14:1-5 That The 144,000 ARE THE FIRST FRUITS UNTO GOD And THE LAMB.

    ALL DREAMS & VISIONS MUST LINE UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD Or Maybe We MISINTERPRET Them; Or Possibly Maybe We Have Been Taught Certain Things And We Want To Believe Those Things WITHOUT Going To The WORD OF GOD AND SEARCHING SCRIPTURE FOR THE TRUTH.


  7. Lisa B Ward

    Paul, I believe Tim Foster has several more scriptures listed. I pray that when the children go, we all give thanks that God has removed them for their own protection. For as horrific as it will be to lose them, it will be a million times worse if they stay here for what’s to come.
    It has taken me about 10 months to come to terms with this prophecy. Christian’s should prepare their hearts and have faith that God knows best.

    Alida, I havent heard of any safe havens in Australia yet. I’m also waiting on instructions.

  8. trisha

    I got these verses..will the wicked eat there children’s flesh??? I am also reminded of the famine in russia and the famine in china…those famines were so bad, people ate human flesh.. and about a swedish scientist saying its ok to eat people to save the planet! What about prions, and mad cow disease in humans, or kuru…etc….

    ….A conference about the food of the future called Gastro Summit being held in Stockholm Sweden featured a presentation by Magnus Söderlund claiming that we must get used to the idea of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change.

    …..Söderlund refers to the taboos against it as “conservative.” Yep, he claims those who don’t want to eat your dead relatives are old fogys who don’t want to save the planet. He adds that people can be sold on the idea little by little, first by persuading people to just taste it. Tasting it? Over my dead body—-er maybe that’s not the correct phrase, but you get the idea. snip…
    Places where modern day cannibalism still exists

    The Russian famine of 1921–22, also known as the Povolzhye famine, was a severe famine in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which began early in the spring of 1921 and lasted through 1922.

    This famine killed an estimated 5 million people, primarily affecting the Volga and Ural River regions,[1][2] and peasants resorted to cannibalism.[3][4][5] The famine resulted from the combined effects of economic disturbance because of the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War, exacerbated by rail systems that could not distribute food efficiently.

    One of Russia’s intermittent droughts in 1921 aggravated the situation to a national catastrophe. Hunger was so severe that it was likely seed-grain would be eaten rather than sown. At one point relief agencies had to give food to railroad staff to get their supplies moved. The United States sent food and medicine that fed about 11 million people.snip…

    The Great Chinese Famine (Chinese: 三年大饥荒, “three years of famine”) was a period in the People’s Republic of China between the years 1959 and 1961 characterized by widespread famine. The policies of ruler Mao Zedong contributed the most to the famine. Estimates of deaths due to starvation range in the tens of millions….snip…

    There are widespread oral reports, and some official documentation, of cannibalism being practised in various forms, as a result of the famine.[41][42]:352[a][43] Due to the scale of the famine, the resulting cannibalism has been described as “on a scale unprecedented in the history of the 20th century”.[41snip…

    ezek 5…

    …5This is what the Lord GOD says: ‘This is Jerusalem, which I have set in the center of the nations, with countries all around her. 6But she has rebelled against My ordinances more wickedly than the nations, and against My statutes worse than the countries around her. For her people have rejected My ordinances and have not walked in My statutes.’

    7Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘You have been more insubordinate than the nations around you; you have not walked in My statutes or kept My ordinances, nor have you even conformed to the ordinances of the nations around you.’

    8Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Behold, I Myself am against you, Jerusalem, and I will execute judgments among you in the sight of the nations. 9Because of all your abominations, I will do to you what I have never done before and will never do again.

    10As a result, fathers among you will eat their sons, and sons will eat their fathers.

    I will execute judgments against you and scatter all your remnant to every wind.’ snip…

    jeremiah 19….

    The Broken Jar
    1This is what the LORD says: “Go and buy a clay jar from a potter. Take some of the elders of the people and leaders of the priests, 2and go out to the valley of Ben-hinnom near the entrance of the Potsherd Gate.

    Proclaim there the words I speak to you, 3saying, ‘Hear the word of the LORD, O kings of Judah and residents of Jerusalem. This is what the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: I am going to bring such disaster on this place that the ears of all who hear of it will ring, 4because they have abandoned Me and made this a foreign place. They have burned incense in it to other gods that neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah have ever known. They have filled this place with the blood of the innocent. 5They have built high places to Baal on which to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I never commanded or mentioned, nor did it even enter My mind.

    6So behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when this place will no longer be called Topheth or the valley of Ben-hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter. 7And in this place I will ruin the plans of Judah and Jerusalem. I will make them fall by the sword before their enemies, by the hands of those who seek their lives, and I will give their carcasses as food to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth. (reminds me of Armageddon in revelations and ezekiel 39)

    8I will make this city a desolation and an object of scorn. All who pass by will be horrified, and will scoff because of all its wounds.

    9I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another’s flesh in the siege and distress inflicted on them by their enemies who seek their lives.’

    10Then you are to shatter the jar in the presence of the men who accompany you, 11and you are to proclaim to them that this is what the LORD of Hosts says: I will shatter this nation and this city, like one shatters a potter’s jar that can never again be repaired. They will bury the dead in Topheth until there is no more room to bury them.

    12This is what I will do to this place and to its residents, declares the LORD. I will make this city like Topheth. 13The houses of Jerusalem and the houses of the kings of Judah will be defiled like that place, Topheth—all the houses on whose rooftops they burned incense to all the host of heaven and poured out drink offerings to other gods.”snip….

    These were prophesies about eating the flesh of sons and daughters and others…Why I got these verses is unknown, but famines sure do weird things to people to think the unimagineable!

  9. Paul Morgan

    Lisa – I HOPE YOU ARE 100% RIGHT – However, Even After Reading The PDF By Tim Foster (Which I Believe He Has TAKEN SCRIPTURE OUT OF CONTEXT)



    Sorry, Just Don’t See What You Are Saying In SCRIPTURE!

  10. Lisa B Ward

    Hi Paul. Let us stay strong in Christ and trust in whatever he does or doesn’t do. I love you my brother in Christ.

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