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The Lion of Judah is Coming! – Pamela Gibbs

The Lion of Judah is Coming!

March 17, 2020 9:43 AM
Pamela Gibbs

The vision opened with seeing the head of a great lion…

The Lion of Judah
He is coming,
with a resounding roar!

Do not fear the terror which comes by night.
I will be with you;
I will be your peace in the midst of the storm; I will never fail you or forsake you.
Do not fear the fierceness of my coming to judge the nation’s of the Earth. I will be with you as a shield and buckler by your side.
I am coming with a vengeance to judge both the quick and the dead.

I will lay my seal over the whole of the Earth; all will see Me and will bow to my Name.
I AM that I AM is coming, He that is faithful and true!

Prepare for the war that is coming.
The world as you know it is changing, nothing will be the same.

The faithful hear my voice and obey my teachings to walk in them, they are called righteous and true.
I will keep them by My righteous right hand.
I AM the rewarder of those who seek me.

The world has not seen me in the likeness I am coming. With my father’s justice I will come to judge the nation’s of the Earth and it’s peoples.But my rightrous I will gather to my breast to shelter them from the storm that is arising. Keep your eyes and attentions focused alone on me and the knowledge of my coming. These thoughts will uplift your hearts in the days of trouble ahead that are coming.

I will declare My Name over all the earth. Who cannot hear it?

In the twinkling of an eye you will see Me so prepare your hearts to recieve Me. I open the door only to those who I call faithful and true.

Then I saw an angel who took me by the hand to show me something, then he said to me:
Battle stations are being made ready for you. I saw many legions of war horses being outfitted, equipped and prepared for battle for their riders.

Then Jesus spoke again saying:
Prepare for war is coming.
Prepare for the fierceness of my coming that you might not be overwhelmed!
I am coming quickly to redeem my beloved throughout the whole Earth to gather you into My wedding feast!

Prepare, prepare …the days are short in coming for My return for you.

We are the saints who are awaiting the rider who is faithful and true; Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords please come!

Praise be to the Lord! Hallelujah!
Pamela Gibbs

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  1. Melinda

    HALLELUYAH…Thank you for this AMAZING WORD…thank you for sharing Sister

  2. Alice R.

    Thank you for bringing us this word of encouragement. The devil is going full force. The battle is here!!! So glad the Lion of Judah is with us.

  3. Jana

    Thank you for sharing. It is encouraging. I can’t bear the terror any more. Jesus is mot my peace. He is the one who makes me suffer so so so extremely. I though he’d come now. The persecution is so heavy, I can’t stand any more. It olverwhelmed me, I just suffered a heart attack. They are right behind me. Everybody persecutes me. I’m totally obedient, surrendered everything to Jesus and he has given me into the devil’s hand and left me. He turned a deaf ear on me. I can do what I want. Jesus said 2000 years ago he would come quickly. Now I can’t believe it any more. I’m so destroyed, I can’t describe how severe I’m persecuted and am suffering from litereally torture. My persecuters are after my life day and night, I can never rest. Now I can not even flee my satanic country any more. My very needed medicine is running out very soon. Because of persecution it’s impossible to get new midicine. I can’t get so many things which are nessecary to live because of severe persecution. The suffering is so so so great. I can’t live any more. They are torturing me to death again and again and God doesn’t allow me to die. Almost 3 years ago he told me a great event is being prepared behind the veil of what is seen by the natural eye: A war and a wedding feast will have their place in time. I’m waiting, longing and hoping for redemption for such a long time. But it never came. Now I lost all my confidence in Jesus that he would ever come and rescue me. It’s so hopeles, I’m so desperate. God is not keeping his promises. I trusted in him, lived only for him, suffered more than greatly for him and he leaves me alone, defeated and in constant torment und severe persecution, hunted down. I lost faith and hope.

  4. seacelt

    Dear Jana! I am so sorry to hear about your suffering! Jesus however is not the author of your suffering, that comes from the devil or as a consequence of our own choices when we
    choose to sin or disobey God and His commandments as outlined in His word, the Bible.
    I will prayer for you for healing and deliverance in Jesus name! I ask that Jesus would forgive you for your sins and I plead the redeeming blood of Jesus over your life today!
    I bind and rebuke in Jesus name all the works of evil from the devil and his cohorts that have been set against you ! I bind and rebuke every dark assignment, scheme, hex, vex, spell or curse that had been sent against you now in Jesus name!
    I pray that all generational sins and curses set against your bloodlines would be bound and cast to the pit now for destruction and judgement in the mighty name of Jesus!

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that accuses you in judgement you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication is from Me, declares the Lord. Isaiah 54:17.

    Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any open doors in your life that is allowing the devil to have legal access to afflict you! Confess your sins daily and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily, ask Him to put a shield of protection around you and to cover you in the blood of Jesus!
    Draw close
    to Jesus and seek His Kingdom and righteousness above all else in you life. Put ALL your faith and trust in Him. If you fear or doubt ask Jesus to remove those things from your mind and to break the power of those unclean spirits over you!
    Jesus will rescue, heal and deliver you! He promises never to fail or forsake us! Cast all your cares upon Him. Ask Him to send God fearing people into your life to help you and to pray with you.
    Put on the mind of Christ and reject every dark and evil thought that the devil tries to bring into your mind!
    Jesus will set you free if you seek Him with your whole heart! Ask Him to put His holy angels around you to protect and keep you! Read PSALM 91.
    I will be praying for you sister! Trust in Jesus, He is your hope and salvation!

  5. Chris


    your comment is surly ment good, but that’s prosperity gospel. Jana’s sufferings are surely because of her own choices, because she chose to be absolutely obedient and to follow the lamb wherever he goes. After your teaching, Jesus must have been the most sinfull, most disobedient Person on earth, because he suffered the most. In the old testament it was Job who suffered the most and it is written that he was the most rightous person known on earth. And it was God who destroyed his life without cause. Also Jesus screamed, cried and prayed in great fear to to his father to let this cup pass him but not his will be done, but the Father’s. You see, it was God’s will for his only begotten son to suffer such great pain. The more obedient and surredered you are, the more you suffer. God’s word says, christians are called to suffer. There are so many verses about the nessecity for christians to suffer. Please read it, it’s just so much. Be blessed

    keep going. I know it is sooo hard right now. The darkness is so sick, the world so evil. I’m also waiting and longing in great affliction. Don’t give up, sister! God bless you

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