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The Lion of Judah is Coming! – Pamela Gibbs

The Lion of Judah is Coming!

March 17, 2020 9:43 AM
Pamela Gibbs

The vision opened with seeing the head of a great lion…

The Lion of Judah
He is coming,
with a resounding roar!

Do not fear the terror which comes by night.
I will be with you;
I will be your peace in the midst of the storm; I will never fail you or forsake you.
Do not fear the fierceness of my coming to judge the nation’s of the Earth. I will be with you as a shield and buckler by your side.
I am coming with a vengeance to judge both the quick and the dead.

I will lay my seal over the whole of the Earth; all will see Me and will bow to my Name.
I AM that I AM is coming, He that is faithful and true!

Prepare for the war that is coming.
The world as you know it is changing, nothing will be the same.

The faithful hear my voice and obey my teachings to walk in them, they are called righteous and true.
I will keep them by My righteous right hand.
I AM the rewarder of those who seek me.

The world has not seen me in the likeness I am coming. With my father’s justice I will come to judge the nation’s of the Earth and it’s peoples.But my rightrous I will gather to my breast to shelter them from the storm that is arising. Keep your eyes and attentions focused alone on me and the knowledge of my coming. These thoughts will uplift your hearts in the days of trouble ahead that are coming.

I will declare My Name over all the earth. Who cannot hear it?

In the twinkling of an eye you will see Me so prepare your hearts to recieve Me. I open the door only to those who I call faithful and true.

Then I saw an angel who took me by the hand to show me something, then he said to me:
Battle stations are being made ready for you. I saw many legions of war horses being outfitted, equipped and prepared for battle for their riders.

Then Jesus spoke again saying:
Prepare for war is coming.
Prepare for the fierceness of my coming that you might not be overwhelmed!
I am coming quickly to redeem my beloved throughout the whole Earth to gather you into My wedding feast!

Prepare, prepare …the days are short in coming for My return for you.

We are the saints who are awaiting the rider who is faithful and true; Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords please come!

Praise be to the Lord! Hallelujah!
Pamela Gibbs


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