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The light that shines in the darkness – Exodus Speaks


The light that shines in the darkness

April 3, 2022 1:38 AM
Exodus Speaks


I had this prophetic dream on March 30, 2022.
I believe it pertains to the days of darkness and what they will bring, as well as instruction on how to stay safe—don’t go outside, stay together, keep windows & doors closed, don’t let anyone in your home. These were the themes I experienced and what would happen if I didn’t follow them. It was pitch black outside you couldn’t see anything. The only light I saw was when a burning chariot wheel flew past my window. A burning wheel within a wheel of fire, it reminded me of Ezekiel and what he saw.

When I recall what I saw it’s still clear as day, I vividly remember the intricate details of the chariot wheel and the intensity of the fire burning. Everything else was pitch black. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. I went back to my dream journal to color the wheel I was shown, there are not enough words to describe what I saw. The color of the wheel was extremely eminent, being a mix of many colors but unlike any other. It’s what stood out the most in this entire dream. The best way to describe it would be a combination fiery red, deep oranges, but also glowing and almost shimmering with a gold hue. It was both beautiful and terrifying.

I am attaching a link to my video and my dream journal notes.


Thank you!
Exodus Speaks

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