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The lava starts coming up into the street – SVik


The lava starts coming up into the street

February 20, 2022 11:52 AM

I woke up at 8:30 am today- but fell back into a deep sleep.

This is what I dreamt:

I’m on my way home. Walking outside. I’m in one of the boroughs of New York City. I’m walking along a main avenue. It is familiar to me. There are nice homes on both sides of the street.

I look up and over at the sky. I see a swirling in the sky. It darkens as if a storm is coming in. I observe an area of tumbling and swirling activity. There are colors -deep navy blue, bits of light blue, some white. It’s like a heavy deep swirling mist – like watercolor paints – all moving. I watch it moving and see internal activity, as it is not far above a large house. Then the center of it opens up and I see more activity. Some sort of white shapes. Like containers or medium white objects (square-ish and trapezoid-like)- solid, free floating and turning around the edges of the opening. I find it to be intense.

I look at my phone and see a picture of a prophecy with a drawing of what I am seeing. I think to myself, this looks like what I see!! I feel nervous. I continue looking. I see something else – outlines of something deeper into the mist. I see outlines of babies. Like dark grey silhouettes against a lighter grey background. I see it change. One silhouette becomes another, and another. I feel a sense of danger. I tell myself to move faster. The whole sky changes and darkens. A power line breaks. White and yellow sparks burst fnand a black power line flops all over. A bolt of electricity shoots out- behind me or in front. I run ahead and I am not hurt. I grab a bike and ride it. I reach the corner.

Suddenly, I see the ground swell up. I see the street crack open and slow moving lava seeps out. I want to get across but the tires will melt. I get off the bike and realize its a kid-sized bike- (I didn’t realize it was). The lava starts coming up into the street and also seeps out onto the landscaped lawns. It’s all over. I feel trapped.

I step over the lava and stand on a rock in a garden. I see a young person that knows me, they ask me something about the lava. I say that I will step were the lava is dried or low. My goal is to reach my family at home. I step into the street and the concrete is already orange. It feels hot through my shoe. I get across and keep thinking of the best route to take. I realize that there will be areas that I need to navigate differently. I walk along and observe carefully.

I see areas where lava is breaking through. I tell myself I knew this would happen one day. I notice a boarded up place – like a construction site. It is dirt filled, open, empty, rocks, the air near it is cool and no lava is there. I tell myself to remember this. I scale over some scaffold and crawl under some debris, I reach another wooded boarded up area, it has a hinge, its partially open – I see a wide dirt road. I look down but keep on my way. I end up in a busy area called Downtown Brooklyn. I seem to have travelled further than I intended. I see people in business attire, leaving from work, waiting for buses, walking all over, talking. I ask a lady about a bus or directions. She tells me something. I think, “President Street”- as we talk, I see a body of water. Some ways behind her. I watch as it begins to suddenly move closer, like high tide, rolling in. People see this and run. I also run. I go along looking for a train station. I think of which trains don’t pass by bodies of water. As I search, I see an M train station, but don’t enter. I keep walking and at the end of a block, almost in a tucked away corner, I see a door and a sign “L Station”. I know this will get me in the direction I want to go in. I then think to myself “most people don’t take this train”. I open the dark green door, its wooden, and I go down, it feels narrow. I think I see cob webs. I think it has a turn as I walk down. It feels old. I reach another door and open it. I see a token booth and a smiling clerk wearing a cap, she says “It’s open”. There is a man who just paid for his metro card. I take off my backpack to get money for my card. I only have 50 cents. I keep searching. I am sure I can find more money. The man then places dollar bills down near my backpack and says: “Spend it and keep it real”. I look at him and say, “Indeed I will”.


– SVik

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