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The Lamb of God said NOW ITS THE TIME – Daniel Masika

The Lamb of God said NOW ITS THE TIME

August 27, 2021 6:15 PM
Daniel Masika

Auto Generated Transcript

today in the morning
in my in my prayer in my soul jesus
on an angel
but he had a sword in hand
and he said to him
boy said
bring me the the book of remembrance
and when he said bring me the book of
i saw the book the ancient brought the
on the table where the lamp of god was
and when
and when he opened the book
the book was open it leave the pictures
on its lawn
and when the lamp of god was looking in
the book
he said it is the time and he stood up
when he stood up there was
a kind of prayer show or um
like like garmin whereby he stood from
the seat he was sitting and tube that on
the earth when he took back on the earth
there was an earthquake i would be this
i saw the angel was called and the voice
said bring me the book of remembrance
and this what happened
when the book was brought on the table
the pages were flipping on islam when he
said it’s a time
he stood from where he was sitting
he had a kind of prayer cloth or
on his shoulder
he grabbed that and chilled that on the
there was an earthquake on the earth
kind of
a trample
even the mountain was shaken there was
followed another angel who shouted and
said the kingdom of our god
is at hand when when when the garment
kind of prayer club fell on the earth
there was fire
all over the earth fire was all over the
i heard cry
all over the earth
there was women children
every kind of people
were crying
shout and then
i heard
the lamb of god say and he said
tell them
it is
the time
i woke up out of the vision
but listen
it is the time
the church of god
the saints of god
that everybody
should be ready
will usher
when when revival happens
jesus will come in
i understand
there is a lot of information
in the bible
whereby they are signs
that these signs
will happen fast
before the king of glory shows up
but listen careful
he will come in in his own style did not
fit with the signs
are written but i wanted to understand
he is the king of kings and the lord of
lords and is going to come in
the bible says this gospel shall be
preached to the ends of the world
and then the end shall come
when this gospel shall be preached then
the end shall come
that means when revival happens
then there will be nothing left
jesus is going to come saints of god
there will be multitude crying repenting
and turning back to the lord is going to
happen at the directions and the lead of
the holy spirit and the anointing of god
stay alive remain in prayer
hold fast on the word of god
care for your garment
remain in the blood of the lamb remain
care for your spirit
the in in prophecy see the air for your
spirit and anything else
look for her i love you god bless you
i’m daniel sadak
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