THE KICK OFF EVENT Judgement in the US starts in NY – Miss Aja

THE KICK OFF EVENT Judgement in the US starts in NY

Miss Aja


Auto Transcript

hi guys Miss Asia and Zion here I
dedicate this video to my friend
Shailene who lives in New York and I
just want to say trust in the Lord and
lean not on your own understanding okay
so it was really crazy Zion was sharing
this dream with me a couple of days ago
and she leans started texting me these
prophetic YouTube videos of the judgment
of America that’s about to come I told
her yeah watch him in a little bit after
Zions done telling me her dream that she
had last night and I let her know it has
Times Square in it she knew exactly what
I was talking about she knew what her
dream was gonna be about she said oh my
god Asia the kickoff event so me and my
mom were in a plane going to Oregon and
there was a malfunction in the plane so
the plane turned around and I thought we
were going back to California mm-hmm
soon as we get off the plane and start
riding in an uber I realized were in
Times Square in New York mm-hmm as we’re
about to pass the intersection like
you’re entering into the intersection
right yeah
these cars just come ramming in like
crazy like I don’t know where they just
come and it’s like I can’t explain it
and they just like stop in the middle of
the intersection and stop all traffic
mm-hmm in the first car it was like
fiery blaze bread with a scaly texture
to it kind of like a dragon yeah and the
driver in the car had the power fire
like anything that has to do with fire
okay and the second car was green and
grey and like had the texture of rocks
and the driver in the car that I was
earthquakes so it could start
earthquakes small or even really really
big ones okay and deserve car third car
was like different shades of blue had
this watery texture to it what kind of
texture like like watery kind and the
driver in the car at the power of
tsunamis okay and while this was all
happening the police came and was like
move out of the way you’re stopping
traffic and the fire guy stood up stood
up out of his car and was like we can’t
it’s God’s orders and the police was
like moved by the way I’ll arrest you
and the fire guy laughed and he was like
you can’t arrest us for not even human
and please were like this is ridiculous
you’re stopping traffic and the
earthquake guy stood out of his car it
was like you don’t know what we’re
capable of you have to stay here but the
judgment will begin here oh wow and
everybody started laughing
even the police and everybody thought he
was making believe stuff and they just
thought he was crazy mm-hmm and the
earthquake I started shaking like like
he was angry and he was like about to
set off an earthquake and trying to calm
it calm himself and my
he finally sat down in his car yeah cuz
he couldn’t start an earthquake right
now like the Lord didn’t tell him so
mm-hmm and the tsunami guy survived his
car it was like you know they’ll be
fires earthquakes it’s not like tsunamis
especially mm-hmm
there is no time left everybody got
silent what what and no one knew what to
the police were like this is ridiculous
we can’t stop them this is useless and
they just left you know and everybody
went back to the regular state like
nothing happened
mm-hmm like they’d even see him ever and
I got out of the uber and I went to the
fire guy and I said well this actually
be here and he said God told us to come
here and you’ll stay here until God
tells us that his time and I asked him
then I asked him when will this be and
he said
we are waiting until God tells us at his
time to God it says it is only a short
time and the humans you will never
understand after all God is out of
outside of time and humans are in time
for you will never know the day or the
time Wow
so that was the it as far as that part
of the dream right and then you go back
to you end up back in California and
fast-forward why don’t you tell them
very very just the end of your dream so
I was at school and I was like with
these three other three other kids older
kids and it was just me and these three
other kids and there was like there was
other kid there was like other kids but
they’re on the classrooms mm-hmm and
you’re the only ones outside and I look
up and I see this black and white
helicopter with a bronze machine gun
outside I’m like oh great so I like runs
and hide under this bungalow and the two
kids run up run and hide under a
bungalow – and then the one kid is like
blabbing about something like we’re
crazy and like why are we doing this and
stuff and all of a sudden that kid gets
tranquilized and like falls to the
ground and like struggles to try like
trying to get under one of the bungalows
like I’m trying to help that kid and
then like right then there that kick it
shot and killed mm-hmm
okay so then you wake up well that last
part of your dream really sounds like
martial law doesn’t it yeah yeah so well
I just wanted to say that the main part
of Zions dream it sounds like the angels
of destruction have lined up in Times
Square because judgment is really here
America what the prophets have been
calling the fire the fiery kick-off
event the judgment will start in New
York because of its pride over murder it
should have never lit up its tower pink
and celebration of murder now as far as
when this event will actually take place
we we don’t know the angels of
destruction are lying and ready to go
but they don’t even know when they get
to start so they they wait for the
Lord’s command
so all these end times events no one
knows when they will be if the Lord
revealed the timing to us then the enemy
would know so so no one knows the timing
of these events but we do know what
season we are in and we do know what
time it is
actually for one thing and that one
thing is to repent it’s time to repent
right now we need to humble ourselves
before the Lord and repent that means
turn around and follow Yeshua quick
going your own way following the world
and the pride of our evil nation
judgment is here the writing is on the
wall repent turn to the Lord because
that’s the only place that’s safe
hallelujah all right say goodbye Zion
thank you for sharing all right
THE KICK OFF EVENT Judgement in the US starts in NY


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