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March 14, 2022 11:07 PM

9 January 2022

A year ago the LORD spoke to me saying,

“Write your letter, “The Three Days and Nights of Darkness” to warn all I bring across your path, you will save many that would otherwise perish. For no one has ever seen what is about to happen. Many will panic, many will be curious and want to go outdoors. They don’t know the danger. You must warn all, for I will send you to many. MY Destroyer Of Nations is coming, (Nibiru), warn all who will listen. Many will heed your words, many will not. MY SPIRIT will be with you to help you. Write down what I give to you. Start soon so that you will have more time to warn them, it comes quickly! Don’t let it bother you when some don’t take you seriously, they will remember what you said when they see it. MY WORDS of Warning will be in your heart to write down. This is all for now, I will return.

When praying about this, I felt such an urgency to get started right away, I felt this awful event would happen during the Passover Season, (Easter), or during Sukkot in the fall. When the LORD gives me a message, I write it down Word for Word. I know HIS VOICE. The LORD never told me when this would happen, He never gives dates. The Three days and nights of darkness will be the last of GOD’S Severe Judgments that will happen during the first three and a half years of the seven years of the Tribulation. The last three and a half years are called the Great Tribulation. This will be a time of God’s Wrath that will be poured out on the evil and wicked ones. Also near the beginning of the Great Tribulation, the satanists will be enforcing the Mark of the Beast, saying no one can buy or sell unless you have a mark in your right hand or in your forehead. (Revelation 13:16-18). Which will condemn all who take the mark to hell and the Lake of Fire for eternity. They will be capturing and killing all who believe in the Lord Jesus/Yeshua. The Lord said to me, tens of thousands of MY precious loved ones will be martyred, but don’t fear what man can do to you. For I will take you to be with ME before a bullet or blade touches you.

In August of 2018, while praying about Israel, because President Trump mentioned about going to Israel to set up a plan to divide Israel, taking land from the people of Israel and giving it to the Palestinians. I believe he called it the “Deal of the Century”. The LORD got my attention quickly, when HE said, “If America plays a part in the process of dividing Israel, I will divide America”. When the Trump Peace Plan is acted upon in Israel, God will divide America in two. How will HE do this? I will tell you what little GOD has told me so that you can start preparing Spiritually and physically before this catastrophe occurs. Please listen carefully and take what GOD is saying seriously. GOD will bring a mega earthquake, possibly several in different states to divide America in two. There will be ocean waters dividing America, it will be so wide that HE said a bridge can never be built between east and west America. HE said that if they try, I will shake it all apart with future earthquakes. The little that I know is that the earthquake will begin at the New Madrid Fault line. It will divide America from the Great Lakes in Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico along the lines of the Mississippi River. GOD did not tell me anymore about how this will be accomplished. But I will tell you what I feel in my spirit. My thoughts are that the earthquakes will cause the water to come up through America anywhere between 50 to 200 miles wide. This is just speculation on my part. Michigan may possibly be divided, allowing Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie to flow into the great divide, causing much of Michigan to be under water, separating America in two. For this to happen, President Trump will have to be back in office. I feel this will happen very soon. After President Trump is back in office, watch the news concerning the Trump Peace Plan and the dividing of Israel and giving GOD’S LAND to the Palestinians in Israel. In the past, when our nation was involved with Israel concerning the Palestinians, GOD acted immediately within one day with judgment on America. Later the LORD said, many people are about to perish, are you praying intensely for their salvation? MY judgment is coming upon this nation and the world. After that I was praying, when HE said, let the economy collapse. ( I had been asking HIM to postpone the economic and financial collapse). Then HE said concerning the economic collapse, I must bring an end to the evil and wickedness going on in your nation. Judgment is coming to America, because they keep killing MY BABIES, (abortion).

On July 19th, 2019, the LORD said to me, If they don’t stop killing MY BABIES, the Great Earthquake in California will suddenly come upon them. I have warned them many many times but they continue to ignore MY warnings. The wicked in California, they are humans who hate ME, and the human looking ones, who are not human, despise ME. Satan himself is their leader. Satan told his evil followers to ignore ME, Yeshua (Jesus), for I will do as I please. But JESUS said, “The wicked ones will soon find out who is really in charge. For I AM YESHUA. The KING OF GLORY, THE GREAT I AM! Soon satan will run and hide, soon the human and non-human entities will be stopped, for their judgment is near, and eternal torment is at the door for all who hate and despise ME”.

March 16th 2019 the LORD said, I won’t hold back what is coming to your West Coast much longer, and what will also come upon other places in your nation. But if America will repent and turn back to ME, I will stop the judgments that are soon coming, and I will protect you from the evil ones.
Later HE said concerning California, that unless you repent and come back to ME, great destruction will come to you. For most of California will be no more, for much of the land will break off and disappear into the Pacific Ocean.

In the middle of the night on December 5th, 2019 The FATHER said to me, I want you to pray for everyone now sailing on the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers. I will give each person on those ships a chance to repent and to accept ME as their LORD and SAVIOR.

While I was writing this, I remembered what HE said on June 18th 2019, that the USS Abraham Lincoln will sink in the Middle East and later HE said that the USS Ronald Reagan will be hit but not destroyed. The LORD said it would happen to the Aircraft Carriers the same way that it happened to the Presidents. Abraham Lincoln died, meaning the USS Abraham Lincoln will be sunk, and Ronald Reagan was badly hurt but lived. It seems the USS Ronald Reagan will be badly hit, but not sunk.
These events have yet to happen, that’s why I’m asking you to pray about these judgments for they are coming very soon!

Another message on 8 April 2019, the LORD said concerning the East Coast, “I desire that all would move far away from the East Coast before the water comes. But many of you because of your circumstances are unable to move to a new location, I will bring you home with ME in an instant. Pray and intercede for your family and friends and the lost, because the disaster will come very soon. For the islands will be covered over with water and great devastation will come to Florida and the East Coast.

Another time HE said that an asteroid will cause a tsunami to hit New York City, causing great destruction. I believe this is a different asteroid than the one which will destroy the Caribbean Islands and Florida.

Also a message given to my wife after the Governor of New York City signed a new radical abortion bill into law on January 22, 2019. The Heavenly Father said to my wife, “This night I decree judgment upon New York! Who gave you the right to kill the unborn children? You, New York, have defiled your own state! Because of your own arrogance and haughtiness and your defiance against ME! I AM the LIFE GIVER! You have no right to take the life that I gave to the unborn children. If you don’t repent, I WILL crush you into powder, and there will be no New York! You foolish New York…You have become a stench to ME! You make up your own laws and you mock ME, You are heartless. You make laws that go against MY Laws. Don’t be joyful in your wickedness, because sin is crouching at your door, and it is ready to destroy you! He who has ears to hear, let him hear. I AM the JUDGE! I desire mercy for all of MY Creation, if you obey ME with all of your heart. I have given you many chances over and over again to come back to ME, but you refuse. So, now I must do what I must do… The Judgment Is Sealed!”

June 3rd 2018, in another message, the Lord said, “A great disaster, which is not of ME, but is of the evil one and by the wicked that are his, is planned against this nation, and against MY People. This great destruction will stretch from the West to the East, to kill and to destroy. I have heard the expression from the East to the West before, but never heard anything that said, from the West to the East. I have wondered what could this mean many times. The only thing I could think of, that is in the West, that could cause great destruction is the Yellowstone Volcano. This volcano is definitely powerful enough to cause destruction from the West to the East. This phrase, from the West to the East, sounds like it could cause unheard of destruction across many states. Will this destruction extend westward to the Pacific Ocean and Eastward to the Great Lakes, even causing destruction in Michigan and through the Great Lakes all the way to the Atlantic Ocean? We are in the “Last Days”, which to me means that anything could happen. I have family and friends in Michigan that I am diligently praying for. When this Volcano blows, it will be huge. The LORD may be saving this for HIS end-times judgments. If this happens, will this great destruction fill up with ocean water, dividing America in two? Will God allow this? Soon we will find out.

In the same message dated June 3rd, 2018, the LORD said, “A Great Deception is soon coming upon this world when the fallen ones, the angels who fell with satan, are revealed. They will claim to be your creators. They will deceive many who are not of ME, and all who are evil will run to them, and many will be persuaded who are innocent and others who are of a simple mind, will be talked into believing them.”

This deception will also come during the times of the judgments. This deception has been planned for many generations by satan and the fallen angels. They have planted ‘so-called’ artifacts, that have been made to look as if an alien species had been on planet earth. This deception has been detailed and refined through the ages, the use of television and movies regarding aliens from ET, Extra Terrestrial to Independence Day and more to promote the idea of good and bad aliens who have come to earth. Understand that this is all fake and the fallen ones are ALL EVIL. There is no good among them. They will bring a narrative that subverts God’s Holy Word, by twisting the scriptures to suit their story line. They will have a false messiah, a false death, in order to ‘prove’ their claim of having seeded the earth generations ago. This deception will be brought when humanity is at their lowest, having enough of the losses, the pain, the destruction, wishing for all of it to end. As you can see, many will quickly succumb to this deception. We must be in God’s Holy Word daily, learning all that we can, for this building of our spiritual foundations is what will make us strong, so that we will not be susceptible to this false narrative. We must be ready for this deception, for it comes soon, during the time of the judgments. Be ready, be prepared, Be wise! Judgments will happen around the world. I believe that God will destroy CERN in Europe with the coming earthquakes there. The worst destruction will occur when the huge comet called Nibiru, also called Planet X arrives. I call this “Three Days and Three Nights of Darkness”, which will cover the earth for that time. Then the Great Harvest Of Souls will happen.

Once that is completed, then shortly after this the Lord said, “Believers in ME will be brought to ME, to be with ME forever!” Remember, the Lord said, HIS Believers, “ARE NOT APPOINTED UNTO WRATH”. Then the Great Tribulation begins. We are in the end of the age just before Jesus/Yeshua, the Creator of Heaven and Earth returns. If you are not ready to meet HIM, you better accept HIM as your Savior NOW! Tomorrow is not guaranteed. You have two choices, Heaven with Jesus or Hell and the Lake of Fire without HIM. Please receive Jesus as your Savior NOW! You can’t imagine how wonderful and peaceful Heaven is, and how much Jesus loves you! Please receive JESUS NOW as your Savior!

Pray for the believers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I believe great destruction is coming to that city. When Russia destroys our Aircraft Carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Middle East, I feel they will also destroy a city in America, a very evil city, probably Philadelphia, Pa. at the same time. Russia and China are about to invade the United States. Please start praying NOW for God’s Mercy on our Nation. Our government will do nothing to help as they sold out our country long ago. All of these judgments will fall quickly, not giving the people much time to deal with one crises after another. These judgments will begin soon! “America, you have been warned repeatedly to come back to ME, but you would not do so”. The LORD JESUS SAYS, “SO BE IT”

444News Note: 

UNDER Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are the world’s largest salt mines. When the New Madrid Fault Quake hits these Lakes will drain like a bathtub. Water takes path of least resistance it will find its way to Mississippi River and from there the Gulf of Mexico. Salting the earth (Psalms 107:34) and over salting the oceans in the process. Killing all life forms in the ocean. Due to the ocean levels rising because of this. Virtually every coast town and city will be now under water to some degree if not completely.

This is my take on it from all I’ve read and researched.. Take it to the Lord in prayer.


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