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The Journey Is Coming To An End – Sammy Omosh

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The Journey Is Coming To An End

July 18, 2021 8:00 AM
Sammy Omosh

This is what i have been prompted to share of late:

End Times Revelations:

In 2011 I started getting dreams and visions on the rapture. Then in 2012 the dreams continued and i stumbled on a book by perry stone on Dreams and visions interpretation.In 2013 the revelations continued and i started getting more insight on them thro study and prayer. I was an ardent telecast viewer of the late jack van impe,rev john hagee,Hal lindsey,and perry stone.These servants were instrumental to me thro their prophetic teachings then,coz i had no other channel i knew then.

In 2014,in a dream,i saw in a dream i saw our current president giving orders for churches to close. I thought then he will still be the leader when tribulation rolls in.In 2017 he was re elected,and covid19 came calling in last year and this was fulfilled.

In 2012 too, i was in a room where Ex president obama,Ban ki moon of UN then,and president shimon perez (late) of israel were.Obama chased me from there.This was in a dream and i started wondering if he was the beast to come.I really wanted to know and i did my home work,but it was in a cold july 2014 when i took a siesta in broad daylight on a weekend that i got the answer.I fell asleep,and a man came to me and reveal indeed He was the beast, and he disappeared.On the dawn of christmas 2014,in a dream i saw Obama stark naked and perfoming a ritual.In a subsequent scene i saw i was driving a bus with other brethren as passengers and we were harvesing souls in the Nairobi metropolis.I saw the lords hand guiding me on the steering wheel as i drove by.I saw within the CBD,a young girl probably12 yrs old singing the sweetest gospel music my ears have ever listen to.This is a picture of revival to come.

In 2014-15 there were teachings on the 4 blood moons and we thot something could happen in this time frame (rev hagee and rev mark blitz).

In 2016,in a dream i heard there will be 2moons,4 moons in the sky.In the same year, in a mighty vision in the morning i was caught up in the sky an i saw an open portal in the sky with shiny bright lights and was made aware that this will be the entry route in the rapture of the saints.

In 2017 there was the Rev12 teachings,and in 2018 israel attained the 70th year of independence.(nothing happened,as we thot this could be the season. in August 2017 i saw a banking crisis,banks were closed,the same to ATM machines.

In Feb 2019,in a dream i went to the bank with my ATM card,found a line yet nobody could withdraw anything and everybody else left.

In Aug 2014 while i slept i heard the loudest ka boom of my life,it was like 10 to 20 transformers blasting off simultaneosly.It was then afterwards that i came upon the prophecy of Efrain rodriquez on the net.

In 2017 todate have seen a historic famine coming here and probably worlwide,I saw a woman on TV the other day cutting maize stalks not harvested, feeding her donkey,and saying they sleep hungry now and it,s normal in that village.

In jan 2017 in a dream i saw many bodies that were headless lying on the ground(guillotine season?)

Then in jan 2020,i saw the remnants hitting the ground in Moscow,there was snow on the ground.i don,t know if it will be during winter,or there will be a polar shift leading to climate change.Look at the floods in EUROPE during this summer time.Then in march2020 i saw we were at a place with a few remnants and i became emotional,started to cry while telling them “the stars are falling to the earth.

In 2014 July early morning,i heard by voice the 3 days of darkness will happen at noon on a sunday.It became dark,and i saw people running and panicking,Then i saw avery tall demon-3 to 4 storey high chasing people and roaming on the earth.

Now from may to july2021,i have seen myseif repetitively moving with my packed bag,headed to the Harvest.I have seen people grouped and headed to the vineyard of the lord.i have seen the vehicles and at one time a plane(symbols)and experiencing turbulence. Will you be ready to go suddenly when the day comes? I too have seen the transformed ones enjoyingtheir new bodies,doing even somersauit in mid air.

In 2014 too i was priviledged to see the shiny city the new jerusalem.Have seen 3 members of my family on active duty in the harvest during upcoming dispensation.

What else can i say but to thank El gibbor,jireh rapha,adonai,mekkadishkem,hossenu,el olam.ebenezer,elroi,rohi. elohim,chizek,and jehovah el shaddai a big thank you for these awesome revelations.It,s by grace and his spirit that he has downloaded all these dreams to me.My righteouness is as filthy rugs before him.2)

kenya-a hint: In april 2021 by voice in a dream i heard “ruto will be the president of kenya and what happened in Tanzania will happen in kenya”my viewpoint:Based on the 3 warnings i wrote on kenya the scenario that will play out is,”the power brokers will try to stop ruto but they will not succeed,hence he will be sworn into office. A scheme will be hatched during his tenure to topple him out of office. This is coz in Aug 2020,i heard by voice “There will be no elections in kenya.”There will be no elections coz the deputy president assumes office automatically when the incumbent is ill,incapacitated or dies in office.And probably there will be no elecions in Aug 2022,coz probably it will be hell on earth,when prophecies begin to be fulfilled from now onwards till then.You will be worried about the 666,destuctions,judgements,the wrath of GOD etc.And incase of a coup,and govt changes hand and tribulation creeps in,hence it will be survival for the fittest,with the B EAST at the helm of power.With all these revelations,iam not interested in politics,and have no favorite candidate,and i didn,t vote in 2017 and don,t intend to vote in 2022.Till we meet again, iam hungry to “GO”REV 22.

Bro Sammy.



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