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The Journey Is Coming To An End Part 2 – Sammy Omosh

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The Journey Is Coming To An End Part 2

August 26, 2021 6:17 AM
Sammy Omosh

I thank the almighty Yahweh for the dreams and visions he has given me since 2011 todate.In 2011 i saw in a dream telling people that jesus is coming and quoting 1 thess4:16-20.Later i saw a flash in the sky.

On 24th may2012 in a dream,i saw a writing on the wall reading”serve me with Diligence”then i felt a sweet blow in that room i found myself in.

On 5th june 2012 in a dream i saw i looked differently in complexion,hair,eyes,the entire body.I knew nothing about the 3DDS and the transformation then.But what amazes me in my dream journal,i wrote “-transformation?”People wondered how i looked and they were in awe.{Refer to linda courtney youtube 31/3/19 and jeff byerly 7/4/19.

On 25th july 2012 in an early morning dream i heard a newscaster on TV saying “thousands receive jesus in anticipation of his coming.”

On 27th sept2012 i woke up from a dream in which i was in a coutry in Asia and was speaking to a kid.The people were oriental and we were set for some evangelism work{psalm57:5,11}.

In 2016 i saw wildlife rummaging for food on garbage heaps{trash}.In the same year in a dream i was shown a section of remnants at the King David hotel in Jerusalem.Among the people gathered here that i could single out was Rabbi Jonathan Cahn{famous for the shemitah teachings in 2015}.

Still in 2016,i saw many skycraper buildings tumbling down to the ground one after the other.i was watching this event being replayed severally.I believe this could be in Newyork or california.{confirmed by victoria Ang/Linda Hasche/Jeff Byerly,and many other watchmen.}Still in 2016,i saw many kenyans living and working in America coming home for good.

On 30th Dec 2018,i saw in an early morning dream,that i was ministering to a white man in a foreign country and i asked him “have you received the holy spirit?’and he answered ” yes”.

On 19th April 2019 At dawn in a dream,i saw a huge tsunami wave rolling furiously,it swept people unaware in the shores.{In mid 2018,i was shown in a dream the month of September written in blue on a calendar,however no year was given,{what could be bluer than oceans/seas}.

On 5th may 2019 in a dream i saw UFOS coming down to the earth and people went outdoors to watch this phenomenon.i saw a false prophet emerge from one of them.He has deceived many with his antics,his signature white attire,with matching shoes.Back in 2016 i saw him wearing old sandals,i asked him to pray coz things were not good on the earth,but surprisingly he couldn,t.Last year i saw his churches vacated,and this year i saw in a dream grass growing in his churches and anointing diminishing from him.{ichabod}.Again i have seen him crying remorsefully,but i never saw him repenting.There are more than 5 confirmations to what iam typing now!I never talk ill of men of GOD,Iam simply narrating what i have been shown period!

On 28th oct 2019 in a dream i saw a beautiful wilderness,i was taking rest here,away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.i saw i was with a few watchmen/messengers that i have listen to on youtube,and even this very forum.{psalm55:7}i even asked one of them “could this be the place i saw,when i travelled to israel many years ago on a church pilgrimage?’

5th feb2019 By voice while asleep i heard “Nuclear missiles are coming”{iran nuclear plant? or usa?}

On 8th Dec 2019 i was sleeping in my room and right from my bed i could see the full moon,with a very bright heavenly body{planet?}next to it.I called my Dad{he is uptodate on bible prophecy/prophecy savvy.}I told him to go outside and observe this phenomenon.

On17th jan2020 in a dream,i saw people looking up and watching meteor showers in the sky.

In july 2020 isaw many angels in the sky with black wings descending down,they filled the entire horizon of the sky.i knew they were fallen angels aka aliens.

On 4th Dec 2020 In a dream i saw a beautiful revival going on,both day and night and people were eager to listen to the gospel.

On 17th Dec2020 I was in a home church and the anointing fell on me{lynn johnson:wait for the anointing}and i stood up to break the bread of life.

In the first week of jan 2020 in a dream i saw many people with their luggages,lining up in a single line{like the lines you see in major airports},waiting to enter a certain place.

On9th Feb 2021 In a revelation,i was wondering why the days were moving pretty fast.A messenger on this platform wrote last year about a time coming when there will be 12 hours in a day.

In the first week of June 2021:In a dream,i was handed a letter to report to scotland,it was a bit detailed.When i visited the following website-ukpropheticblogspot{prophetic words} i read “revival coming to scotland by Angela Samuel dated 8th july 2021,and also a nation of brave hearts by Musa Opiyo Augusy2021 re-released.

In 2015 in a vision i saw i was transformed,i could fly and i was telling the masses “The king is coming”{repeatedly}

Many years ago,i travelled to a country in Asia,i flew for nearly 14hours with a transit period of 7hrs in Dubai.On arrival i had severe jetlag and i thought i was sick.The security camera captured my weariness,it seems unaware.It was visa on arrival,and when i was almost exiting this vast airport with asubway inside,an immigration cop blocked me and took me to a room{with tables and chairs}i was incarcerated there,close to 3hours,questioned on various aspects of my faith,travels,career etc.At times i was left on that room alone,and i could only read my bible.Remember they confiscated my passport,airline ticket,my cash,which they later returned.Then i was taken to a waiting car,sandwhiched between 2 immigration cops at the rear seat,and then driven to the nearest hospital for” medical tests”Thorough tests were conducted on me.Even a tissue{toilet paper}swiped on my behind.The doctor gave me a clean bill of health and was dropped to the city centre,they came out of the car,apologised and off they went.By the time i was in my hotel room{everything inclusive took 24hrs}I later discovered i was on a drug test!{crack},coz a few bad guys from africa are languishing in jails in this country for drug trafficking.

Now the coming persecution will be worse 100 times than what i went thro in this country re known among the top 5 Financial capital of the world.{but had violent protests in 2019}.I later discovered too that a budha god is kept at the premises of this facility!

In 2016,i was shown people held up in a concentration camp,currently it,s a catholic church with a school,here in my country.

On 24th aug i woke up at 12:50am to a word of knowledge-a pastor/preacher living in sexual sin.i heard “clandestine affair”{it,s been going on for a long time}.Then in my spirit i heard this person lives in pride,he idolises money above God,and also lies alot and with an element of jealousy.Purity and holiness{the way of the coss of calvary-the narrow path} is mandatory to enter the kingdom of GOD.The lord has sharp eyes on you and sees everything,even what you do in darkness!

Repent.psalm33:13,36:2 and eccl 7:20
SONG:Come like a fire burning,come like a rushing wind[repeat}Holyspirit come{repeat}
May Ruach hakodesh{the mighty holy spirit},the skillful one,the great comforter and helper keep and strengthen you as he did to the early church.

Isaiah2:1-3;66:18-23,Haggai2:20-23,malachi3:16-18,Acts 2:1-4;7-18 and Acts10:44-45.


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