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The Jeremiah Reality – Alonda P Stallings

The Jeremiah Reality

September 24, 2019 4:32 PM
Alonda P Stallings

The Lord asked Jeremiah ” What did he see in the spirit” as his seer his servant he asked me this question about America. what’s in the heart of the people what God see, he tells me what’s in his heart, The Most High is sending message’s to us like the split pot Jeremiah saw before him. I see as he saw the trouble has now spiritually split out before our faces in the natural. God told Judah and Jerusalem that evil shall breakout from the North, Her enemies shall over take her that enemy was Babylon.

The same warning I see being split out on America out of the North Russia shall come her allies will come. This trouble has split out onto America with China and Russia slowly coming in and buying up America’s west coast. You see it here in Seattle, California. Oregon. Nevada, Utah everything is becoming Asian owned. As you come into The Pudget Sound, you see a 3-D head sitting on the shore of America. At the SAM in Myrtle Edward’s Park of an Asian woman I believe she is Chinese. The Lord is letting us know through spiritual eye’s who owns America The Asian’s The Chinese’s in part.

China and Russia are our Babylon we must except their power over use because we will not except God’s rule. God’s way the way of righteousness the infiltration has come it is here the invasion has begun. You see as in Jeremiah’s time Judah & Jerusalem owed Babylon a tribute or a debt they resisted to pay. America owes China a huge debt we must pay & except China’s domiance over us. Because of our sin agianst The Most High God the rejection of Christ the covenant we broke to stay as a nation before God. Just like Judah & Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s time.

A Holy Nation full of a Royal Priesthood before whom there are no other God’s. Is what God told Jeremiah Judah and Jerusalem and that Jeremiah had saw Israel’s sin well.The same with America has not God’s prophet’s seen well The false idol’s and false God worship of America? have they not been told the same for Israel will be the same Judgment before The Lord If we worship False God’s and Idol’s America.

What do I see as God’s seer his servant in New York is a gateway to Baal worship The Arch of Triumph from Syria. This is a spiritual warning from God we now welcome receive false God worship the spirit of Baal now rules this nation. Isaiah 28 say’s we have made a covenant with death an agreement with the grave. You had 6yrs ago in Chicago an image of the Indian God of death Shiva on one of the skyscraper’s downtown.

Baal of ancient Israel, God’s of India ,Asian God’s, Islam ,Fortune Teller’s are the false God’s taking over America. You have abortion a gateway to Baal of full term abortion set up in New York, Virginia our 1st org 13colonies setup. Colorado late term abortion California late term abortion just like in Jeremiah’s time Judah and Jerusalem setup child sacrifice to the God Baal. The state of Colorado is a gateway to the West and East Coast of sin’s hub Satan’s gate and God’s spiritual warning to us.

Colorado set up Pagan Idol worship in The United State’s Air Force in 2010 for service people in the mountain’s a ground to worship false god’s. The full term abortion is legal there her Governor is married to a man. I don’t hate gay’s but I hate sin before God I’m a ex lesbian the arm’s force’s belong to God. California Hollywood is your false Idol of worship all of America’s sin’s her self Idol worship her fornication all come from here.

We think to ourselves we will never sit as a widow and that we will always sit above all the nation’s. We think we can win war’s without The Most High God and sit as a Queen. We think we will never see poverty’s cruel hand. We love our sin our wickedness we think that God will never destroy us that blessings and prosperity will be ours. We think God has choosen us he loves us there for we will continue to be blessed and prosper that’s what they thought in Jeremiah’s time Judah and Jerusalem.

The priest of The Lord have gone mad they bow down to their own false idol’s in private they like bad yeast spoil the dough. They are like two basket of figs both seem to have good fruit til you dig get closer to spiritually inspect them. One of the basket of figs when you bite into them they taste sour and have worm’s in the core rotten unfit for God’s consumption let alone man.

The priest ‘strengthen the hand’s of the wicked they pacify sin and repentance. God’s people sin we live like the world then come to the house of The Lord and say we are delivered and sacrifice giving ourselves as offering’s before the most high. Know that we are a stench before his holy nostril’s full of sin unclean uncircumcised in the spirit. Ezekiel 8 verses 12-18 talk about idol worship in the temple not just the church house but in our spiritual house’s our spiritual bodies.
Jeremiah 8:8 8:9 The priest say we are wise we have the law’s of God The Lord’s reply “DO YOU NOW ?” when the lying pen of The Scribe’s have handled the word of God falsely.The so called wise will be put to shame they will be dismayed and trapped since they rejected the true word of The Lord.

The priest mislead my flock so I have broken my covenant with alot of them broken their staff broken the bond say’s The Lord God. ” I The Lord God Creator Of Heaven & Earth I Am Sovereign & I Will Not Share My Glory With No One But With My Son Yahushua” Not Even In Heaven Do They Disrespect Me With Such Foolishness”” But Man, My Priest, My Flock Do Such On Earth Steal My Glory Try And Be My Glory I Will Not Tolerate This Any Longer Enough Is Enough”.


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