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The Impact-The
Tsunami-The quake!


I have organized what the Lord showed me through the years as the last testimonies of the events
which are going to unfold shortly. This by no means imply one follows the other or all are to happen at once. We leave the time and the sequence to the Lord. These are few out of the many visions and dreams reveled to me. In the last message we saw the power of fire and water, this is the power of water and earthquake, the mighty hand of God.


Dream of 2013
The Cataclysmic destruction of land mass.

This is the first before I see the major events listed below. Something big, huge has fallen on the ground. Like a stone shattering glasses, a big mass of land is breaking to smaller pieces and a loud rumbling noise like never before. I haven’t seen and heard anything like this in my lifetime. It kept rumbling and rumbling with shaking and breaking for quit a while. It is big devastation. Noticing the magnitude of this destruction, I said to myself, “No one can survive this.” Cataclysmic in the highest magnitude. This will stay fresh in my memory as long as I live.

This is happening way, away from the land and the South-East costs of the continent of North
America, in the region of the islands and in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I didn’t see anything coming from the sky but the impact and the destruction that follows.

March 25, 2016. 11:00AM
Atlantic Tidal wave-Tsunami, flood and Earthquake-The Earth split opened.

I am running in a field from the East to the West. I don’t know what I am running from. I felt an
Earthquake and stopped. The Earth started swaying. I stopped and looked back. There is flood coming, enormous amount of water is flooding a very wide area in the region where I live, Midwest. I tried to see the source, it is coming from the ocean. In a clear daylight, clear blue sky Wave after wave, wave after wave of the ocean water from Atlantic is storming towards the land, as far as and beyond a normal eye can see. The level of the ocean has risen high and I see it inclined towards the land and it is right in front of my eyes. The tidal waves are mountain high, very high, one of the waves is very high than the ones in front and and back. I said “No one is going to service this” and wondered if it can come to our area, Midwest. The tidal water keeps flowing and there is no visible boundary between the land of the east cost and the sea. Then the Earth started split opening up, It started opening from East to West, between the Carolina’s and Delaware. It encompasses area across some hill or mountain. It is getting wider and stopped. I see few people, not many, falling in the freshly opened Earth. They are talking, loud, unaware of what has just happened. I don’t know what they are saying but making noise not screening,

October 8, 2015
Mass fleeing desperately for life from what is coming!

I am watching from above, more close to the ground. They are trying to cross a street which winds around a hill, mountain range-Appalachian mountains range. First I see cattle running, then I see cares and many military armored vehicles. Some of the armored vehicles have round receiver like devise on top of them. They are speeding up with no concern of accidents. It looks like they are running from something. I don’t see what it is. They are running fast in terror for their lives. I was telling them to slow down, it is a curve, no one hears me. They are running without realizing it is a curve. Some of the military armour vehicles and some of the soldiers fully armed are taking position on the hillside next to the mountain range. What are they running from?

August 22, 2015, 12:40 AM
Mega Earthquake.-The Splitting of America along the Mississippi.

I was in a deep sleep and taken high above the clouds. The Earth is covered with cloud, a small
section of the cloud opened up and I see the Earth below. I see a blue lake or sea to the North of the
land. The area of focus is on one continent. I see the whole continent split open in the midsection from
North to south. The earth has opened up. The result of a mega Earthquake. I am sensing, the impact
of the Mega quake is in every part of the world. It is big, it is huge. As usual, my vision was for a second, like a blink of an eye. What I saw is a continent, I am not seeing the whole landmass because of the thinly spread clouds. I couldn’t see the other continents, they are covered with clouds. I prayed about it and God give me the clarity of what I saw. Later the confirmation came which says ”My son, what you have seen is the continent of North America split”, evidently along the Mississippi.

Dream of 2014
The destroyer!!!

There is a big vehicle like a grader with wide blades, dark and furious. There is a cruel man driving the
vehicle. The grader is demolishing all and everything on its way along the highway 96. The destroyer
is leaving trail of destruction. The earth looks dark, a mess of debris behind and along the side of the
machine of destruction.. It is coming towards the West to us. The destruction has gone a long way
along the hayway. I am understanding that this is the destroyer, destroying everything on its way.
I tried to run and take cover. In the old house of people I know from back home. The destroyer started destroying from afar the East and heading towards the West. What is that destroyer?

Dream of 2013
Mudslide and land slide.

I am sleeping in a sort of house/shelter under a cover of tint, with no walls. I see a lady next to me in a separate sort of room. Unexpectedly and all of a sudden a mountain high mudslide is near us with force and speed from the North. North of central Michigan. There is no way to escape. We are about to be buries alive. I screamed loud, one word saying “Lord!!!.” It sounds the whole heaven and earth has heard me. It was an agonizing call of help. To my surprise, I am lifted up on the air and landed on a wet land, on the ground but wet with water. I didn’t land on a dry land but a wet land alive. What a relief. The Lord hears, hears and rescued me at that very instant. It is very hard to imagine a mudslide in the center of Michigan. Something cataclysmic has happened. What caused the mudslide?

October 15, 2017 1:30AM and 4:00 AM
California Earthquake-Last warning.

I see chairs fused together and tables being pushed. Few, finely dressed people are pushing a whole set of tables and chairs as they are together, quarter of a football size all at ones (It is the table land), raw after row. They are pushing them first to the East, then to the North, push them all to store them in a house, big auditorium like setting. One group is pushing the set of table and chairs to the North-East and store them in the same way. They are pushed it over a high cliff like stairs. After they are done, the whole stairs made of stone collapsed and sunk to the ground crumbling. I turned to the right, a row of high raise buildings are crumbling like the side of a mountain falling to the ground with the dust cloud
and debris swaying and crumbling. I looked far to the North. There is a range of mountain, buildings on top.. The buildings look resting on a very long range of hill. They started crumbling from the North down South. I started screaming loud “sound the alarm, warn them, tell the” to the station on the left but it is too late. No alarm, No warning, No escape. The whole row after row of the buildings along the mountain range collapsed and fall to the ground with so many people in them. No warning, no time to escape all gone. I held my head and started crying, screening and shouting, then I woke up

Then at 4:00 AM, I saw another dream, the same region, first a standing metallic poll, a wave from the pole to the West and from the poll to the North. It is an Earthquake with the poll, Epicenter, close to and in the middle of the range of the the mountain and building I saw above, the fault lines. It is an Earthquake like we have never seen before, California Earthquake.

I have to think and inquire and ask what it is. It is the land moving like a table Cascadia subduction zone and the San Andrea’s fault line. I have seen the California Earthquake few yeas ago. This one is a warning that time has run out and sudden mega-quake is immanent. This is the sixth California earthquake I saw.

1 Corinthians 13:8-10(KJV)

8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues,
they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

Last updated August 1, 2019


Atlantic-Missispi-Pacific Agust 1, 2019

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