The Holy Mountain – Noel Castillo

The Holy Mountain

Feb 21, 2020 11:13 PM
Noel Castillo


Dream received 01/14/2020

May our LORD Almighty bless you greatly bothers and sisters in Christ.

This is my first time posting here and I feel led by the LORD to share a dream He gave me that aligns with  Instructions to the waiting remnants by Collins Ouma. I didn’t understand it until I read Collins’ post. I asked for interpretation and I felt confirmation from the Lord when I read it.
Suddenly in the dream, I saw the sky (it was at night time). It was gorgeous, I felt the sky way too close to us. I could see it full of stars, I even noticed the galaxies and constellations. We were in a wide outdoor space. I then looked around and see a multitude of people. We were all wearing white robes, with our head covered too. I remember we were praising the Most High God. We were singing a song at unison that filled us all with joy, It was so powerful (I can’t describe it). I Could feel the presence of the Lord so heavy while we were praising. We were all lifting our hands and looking at the sky. However, I was not allowed to remember the song.
All the glory, honor, and praise is to our Great God only.
Please, take this dream to the LORD in prayer.
Your brother in Christ,
Noel Castillo

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