The Hole In Your Heart – Cheryl

The Hole In Your Heart – Cheryl

JULY 17, 2018

I see the hole in your heart. It drains out everything that has been poured into it. You can be given purest of love only for it to drains away or financial stability, homes, travel, riches, accomplishments all and everything that there is – and yet you gain no lasting satisfaction. This is why there is a sadness, for you have been robbed through this hole. You have been on a quest for quite some time now to remedy this perpetual thirst you have that will never really be quenched. You acquired this when you were young and now as you grow older it grows within to dominate you. You plan your life around this hole, making your decisions and choices that will suit it. You have become a slave to the hole in your heart in the seeking out what will bring you escape, soothing and satisfaction even if but for a moment or two only to repeat with a deeper sense of need and into hopelessness.

I have come so I might fill this hole in you, you need only to believe in Me and take My hand. For as you do, I will lead you from your misery into the life that I have prepared just for you from the beginning of time. My plans for you have always been to give you a bright future in Me that is filled with promise and hope of good things that will prosper you in wholeness of heart. You see, the hole in your heart would be the place where I will meet you, at your invitation that I may enter in you- in your heart. I would breath into you new life that will heal and you would no longer need all your fixes and props you have established and are enslaved to now. For I say to you that where my Spirit is, there is always freedom. I have already taken care of the hole in your heart through My blood that I shed for you, all you need to do is to take what it is I give- in faith that I Am who I say that I Am. I will shine My light upon your soul and we will walk together into your freedom for in your weakness, I am your strength. I will give you the power to lay aside all that takes from your life today – take My Hand and begin to walk with Me. Take one step and even two and I will show you in My light how to live the life I died to give to you – one that is the promise of wholeness where you will be filled with My love, My power and My peace.

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