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The Hive Mind


After reading McKana’s discussion of the Coronavirus Pandemic (here: https://444prophecynews.com/the-lord-true-to-his-word-mckana/ ),

I felt the need to check how tiny the implants might be “for health reasons.”

They are considering “swarms” in the form of “smart dust!”


Folks, It isn’t going to be just an RFID chip. That’s simply telling someone your identity.
The chips of the future can control your currency, your health, & your communications.
The issues that arise from these implants will most certainly give credence to how worldwide control of people is possible & exactly how the world’s economics & people’s health ends up being mind-blowingly possible in the prophecies of Revelation. It wouldn’t take much for “the hive mind” to rebuild the temple in very short order!

Then I looked up DNA computers…

Considering they’ve done some pretty sophisticated DNA engineering with a virus that manages to target society’s most costly segments of society (the aged, the incarcerated, the poor & finally – some children???)

Remember this…Read everything they hand you for your permission.

Just like the flu vaccine, they must reveal what is in their “vaccine.”

The news in the past few days has revealed that they engineered DNA to prompt plasma to create antibodies.

NY Times wrote this in their article (copied from Google Search…)

“Each monkey received pieces of DNA, which their cells turned into viral…”

The Hive Mind

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  1. cornelldebeer

    Transfection or also called genetic transformation or alteration. Insertion or injection of a new genetic material. We are nothing but animals in the eyes of the fallen angels. To chip and destroy all DNA traces of the seed of Abraham.

  2. McKana

    There is a progress to the wicked works of the evil. See how it moves

    1 1st come the GPS-Global Positioning System
    2. Then the personal Identification/positioning system-PIS/PPS through the vaccine
    3. Finally-The personal(the devils) control system -PCS/DCS, The mark of the beast through their RFID chip.

    Now, we are in the second phase, a process of conditioning.
    One more point, If they believe the person doesn’t develop immunity after the infection, what makes them believe the vaccine will give protection(I know the immunology well, blowing their ground before they make use of it)
    As far as the immunology is concerned, when a person is infected and healed, the body keeps memory B-cells(antibody producing cell) which circulate in the system for a life time. If any infection of the same type comes in the future, the Memory B-cells are activated to produce protective antibodies-Humoral Immunity, it is called(The other is -cell mediated immunity). The problem with this and all viral infection is, they mutate and change, hard to produce a vaccine. Influenza vaccine is a cocktail of all old viruses which doesn’t give full protection.

    The truth is, before they develop and use the personal ID vaccine, we are already in the second and consecutive deadly pandemics which makes corona a child’s play.

    Beware the moves of the evil.

  3. McKana

    Dear KARENO

    Thank you for the information
    DNA synthesizing is used for along time in the lab. Many labs use the DNA synthesizer for synthesizing primers for PCS. Feed the machine with individual nucleotides, a DNA polymerase adjust the salt, temperature etc, there you have what you want. Even though it is slow and time consuming, we were able to synthesize a medium size gen in our lab. By now, the technology might have came up with faster synthesizers.

    The other story is, in our lab we have produced many therapeutic antibodies and fusion proteins using the same genetic engineering techniques. We use the same God created gens. I haven’t seen any one who came up with new, innovative functional gens, modifying changing few bases is common like in gen therapy of cancerous gens. So far for the intelligence of man.

    What you mentioned above might be something different.

  4. KarenO

    Indeed – it might be different, McKana. I’m delighted that someone with your experience is hearing the Lord so well and sharing with the rest of us!
    My observations came from a lifetime of learning, first at my mother’s feet while she helped my dad make it through medical school, then a lifelong interest in science, even though I never became a lab tech (regretting that I did not at this point!).

    Years ago, an article said there were 150 cold viruses (maybe a few more at this point) so since then I’ve believed it’s why we elders might not get colds at the rate younger people do. At 2 or more a year, we’ve contracted most of them! I also notice that with the flu vaccine, if I’ve had it before, I feel no reaction to the flu shot. If I need the immunity, my arm hurts & if it’s something I’ve NEVER had before, I get a small “under the weather” reaction.

    With the help of computing, I’m sure that things move much faster, however, even with the statements being somewhat guarded (1-2 years) as to not raise people’s hopes, seeing something with fast results within 2 months was more than “normal” for me.
    I’m more inclined to the soldiers in the field needing (before it was an “accidental release”) an antidote in case of emergency, & they now must stop it before it goes too far.

    It occurred to me that these “chips” would likely have to be much smaller than an RFID chip, since the size of the chip & the size of the needle would make it much more obvious to the recipient that they’re not getting a “vaccine.”

    How do they guarantee, other than a piece of paper or ID card, that you are a “safe” person because of the vaccine? A paper or a card “guarantee” only adds one more step to an already onerous process.
    It would have be digitized and communicative.
    Surely their purpose wouldn’t only be to “settle the public fears.”
    The president, perhaps, would want to ID people in order to ferret out the undocumented, but…even that invasive question of everyone would likely be met with derision and soon abandoned.

    If they are intent upon digitizing us without permission, we can be sure that our Lord is close at hand & ready to take us home!

  5. McKana

    I agree with you Dear Karen.
    My background in science is very diverse. I use to teach Medical human Anatomy in medical school, then I started research in different institutes and companies doing much different research. My field lately is in the area of Yeast Biotechnology(from human anatomy to yeast anatomy), producing therapeutic products. I have been to places. Say hi to you Dr Dad.
    You are right, The Lord took me to different areas to give me good background to help me very well understand how the world works. The He got me by my neck and help me study the Bible and save my live for forever. God God is good. We have our Lord, our creator as our friend, the best friend ever.
    All roads lead to Rome they say.
    They might not introduce the chip with the vaccine. The vaccine through the needle, the chip under the skin, possibly. The progress is on. The work is done. People here and in indifferent part of the world have stated the chip right as it is written in the Bible. The B. System is working hard in the shadows. He is not going to come and sit without any preparation. What we see now is the ground work.
    The vaccines are dead virus, attenuated. What is needed is a specific antigen, which enables the human immune system, animals too to elicit immunological protection. The good way of vaccines is a specific antigen unique to the specific pathogen, the lazy way is to introduce the dead, attenuated virus. The attenuation process is touchy, live virus can escape and enter in smaller amount among the vaccine, the reaction is due to that. In the most part.
    Vaccines in the old days have protected lives, small pox is one example. The times have changed, the motives are different and we are at the END OF TIMES.
    As to me-No vaccine, no chip, no RFID.
    It is now, the time, before hand, to set our mind to say NO NO NO!

    God bless you all

  6. McKana

    That article about “Smart Dust” was on May 15, 2013. By now they have made a leap or gone in history, my be gone with the grant money.

  7. KarenO

    My dad is long gone ahead, dear brother, as has my mom. I suspect with the years you’ve outlined, that we are likely in the same generation. I hope to say “hi” to both of them in heaven, as I believe, from the example demonstrated at the cross, that our Lord can save someone in their last breath. So I won’t condemn anyone. I will still keep trying to help them understand. Thank you for pointing out the date. You are correct, it could be an old idea since they’ve managed more ideas via bio-engineering. (which goes to even smaller!)

    It will be a definite “no” for me as well, simply because I also have to be assured that they’ve done all their “homework.”
    I’m more of the mind that they will be trying to enforce something that they cannot enforce until we’ve all been taken home!
    It is both exhilarating and steeling to think that this summer may be our last before the great journey ahead – seeing (and learning) the endless beauty of the entire universe at His side will be a wonderful treat!

  8. Daniel Noah

    To all : Dr. Frederick Klenner, In 1949 he reported to the AMA, that during the previous year, he had cured 60 out of 60 patients with polio, by massive doses of Vit. C…up to 300,000 mg DAILY for some… How could the AMA ignore the results? He lectured them…and they did. Massive doses of Vit. C cured 42 cases of viral pneumonia. Dr. Klenner reported Vit. C cured measles and chicken pox in 24 hrs. He proved that patients suffering from acute and chronic hepatitis had their liver function tests return to normal after 7 days of being treated with I.V. Vit. C, with varying doses of 100,000 to 300,000 mg Vit. C. Look up Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, to see how new ideas are dismissed . ” The incidence of polio had decreased by 80% BEFORE the vaccine. Same with Measles. Dr. Mendelson “See plumbing and refrigeration.
    The Origin of the 42 Year Stonewall of Vit C Robert Landwehr. Modern medicine…brainwashed robots , trapped in the Matrix…would rather patients die of the flu EVERY YEAR, instead of researching Dr. Klenners work. Dr. Fred Klenner MD -The Treatment of Polliomyelitis… Southern Medicine & Surgery, Volume 111, Number 7, July, 1949 pages 209-214. Dr. Klenner was called to treat a 5 yr old polio patient who had been paralyzed(both legs) for four days already….after the Vit C protocol, she was walking by the 11th day…..imagine…these proud arrogant fools running the AMA and Med schools enabled suffering through ignorance.Read Thomas Levy MD,JD Vit C, Curing the Incurable. Dr. Klenner Multiple Sclerosis and Myasthenia Gravis ALL CURED, ALL IGNORED by the robots.! Vaccines are absolutely unnecessary…and harmful. bAh but they were sold on a trusting public, to lead up to the MARK of the BEAST! Ho Hum, it’s just another vaccine…Hell Shot …

  9. Daniel Noah

    Kareno: To the hive mind and the 3rd Temple: When I was in Israel, I went to the Temple Institute. A rabbi told me that the Temple is numbered and in places all around Jerusalem. He sted that the Temple could be erected in 90 days…easy. Daniel

  10. KarenO


  11. McKana

    Sorry to know your Mom and Dad are long gone before us.
    We are there, we are going too, soon
    Let us keep the faith, endure to the end and we will see all our loved ones..
    I have my loving mother and my humble gentle father gone long time ago.
    Dear Karen, the Lord showed me both. The good Lord have built a mansion for them. I saw my mom with Golden Crown with wavy hair. Hope for us.
    The Lord has done and shown me wonderful things and kept them secret till we reach there. Accumulate your heavenly treasures now, while here through unshakable faith+good works.
    Hold tight to the crown of life, that is what matter.

    God bless you all.

  12. KarenO

    Amen. Absolutely. Speaking the word will be precious in these final days, as finding the Word after He takes us home will be very hard for those who remain. They will have to learn they only will hear Him after they invite Him in!

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