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The Hidden and the Concealed, Reveled – McKana

The Hidden and the Concealed, Reveled

March 19, 2020 2:13 PM
Daniel 2:22(KJV)
He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

Jeremiah 23:24(KJV)
Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord.

I am wondering why the Lord showed me this, almost a real vision/dream. Unless it is important, why would I see and post this. Sometimes, even if we don’t know the secret of what we see, it is good to know that the Lord revels hidden and secret things to bring it to the light so that the concerned are warned. We know war is near so the preparations.

Secret nuclear storage/experiment facility.
In residential neighborhood. No one can find.
(Vision of March 18, 2020 7:30 AM)

We are running in a rush, three of us, I don’t remember who they are. We ended up on top/roof of a building, some 7-8 floors. The top of the building looks 60 by 100 meters, East to west and North to South. From one corner of the building I moved around the edges, ended up on the other side of the top of the building opposite to where we were, following a track . I looked down, there is a black ladder built in and a narrow gap between the wall and the ladder. No man can fit in it to go down and It doesn’t go all the way down. I climbed down between the wall and the black metal ladder facing towards the Northwest. I looked down through a bare like widow somewhat a meter by half meter . Looking through the fenestration I see a glistening bright light down on the floor/basement?. It looks it is reflecting sunshine, sometimes it can blind the eyes and sometimes it is merely bright. The movement of the light from the ground floor is like light is reflecting from a mirror. Sometimes it is a blinding glare sometimes it is light reflection. I don’t know how but I am down to the ground floor. Two people came from the left. I am hiding and watching without being detected. I am in the open, close to the wall on the west side. The two people are moving something, moving something holding it with their hands, sort of a container. I see clearly the heel of one of the men from his behind, his right shoe. He stepped on some sticky dirty light yellow material on the floor, There are few smudges her and there close together. I am concentrated on what he is accidentally stepping on. He doesn’t know this yellow dirty smudge has dropped on the floor. When he moved his right foot, he moved what is is tuck on the sole of his foot, landed his foot and when he moved to take another step, the chewing gum like yellow stuff moved like some one steps on a chewing gum, Then I know it is a nuclear material. What they are moving is a nuclear material in the container and accidentally some has dropped on the floor not now but through time. The area is contaminated and they don’t know it. They are moving the container towards a shady, darker area towards a hidden corner on the middle and east side of the room. These two individuals are not in GMP nuclear laboratory with protective dresses. They are dressed like regular people, regular shoes like a manual laborer. The shoes which one of them is wearing is sort of a snickers which reach up to his ankle.

Now, I knew I am in a dangerous place where I am not supposed to be. Then I ran to the corner to hide. The two people who are alone doing their secret nuclear work saw me and followed me. I ran up the stairs along the southern side of the wide room. It is an old style unclear room on the ground floor. The wide floor looks almost empty, nothing to be seen, No table, no chair, no machinery. I ran up the stairs while they are on the floor following me to reach to the stairs. I was concerned they will call security to surround the area. I pulled out a small veil with some deadly toxic material tied to my finger and strongly sprayed on two of them, first on the one close to the stairs and then to the other. Now, I have a good look of the people, face to face. I see their anger on their face, for they were not expecting any one. One is tall and the other is short. The tall one fair skined and the short one tipical midle esastern some what tanned skin. They don’t have any weapon on them. They are doing their secret concealed work in unsuspected civilian neighborhood.. I have difficulty identifying them precisely but I know a little about them. I came out without being caught and ended up outside the building on the eastern side, in the middle floors of the building. I see residents in the forth or fifth floor, they are moving around normally oblivious of what is going on around them in the ground floor. That place is a concealed area in residential neighborhood. I thought I can hide among the people, still they are following me but now I don’t see them but they might have sounded the alarm for a chase, the feeling which came to me when I was on ground floor watching them. Among the few residents busy with their normal life, in the balcony and inside their rooms, I see clearly one lady some what around 45-50, dressed with long middle eastern/gulf area dress with a cultural head cover. I see another man with his long one fit all middle eastern/gulf area dress. The way the people dress helped me know where I am.

The place the Lord shewed me is a place where nuclear material is being stored and concealed secretly in a residential neighborhood for potential use as a weapon, dirty weapon Who are the two with men with me? I never saw them after we departed.

Secrete nuclear storage/experiment facility in residential neighborhood.

No one can find that place.

What came to mind first is Iran. It can be any place in the two areas-Middle East or Persian Gulf.

Pray for Israel!

Repent! Repent! Repent! while the window of Mercy is Open!

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