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The Harvest Is Coming – Who Makes Intercession For Us

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The Harvest Is Coming

October 25, 2022 3:19 AM
Who Makes Intercession For Us

I confess that Jesus Christ is come IN the Flesh. 1 John 4:2 KJV

My Child, What a day, the time has come for My Spirit to pour out on all flesh but today in particular yours. That’s right YOURS. The long awaited out pouring has happened and I need you to know I AM WELL PLEASED, VERY WELL PLEASED.

You have had a trying time, very trying time with everything you known striped from you. From the people that are meant to be you ‘friends’ ‘family’ they are not willing to sacrifice everything to be with Me. This will change Greatly. Very greatly. I have raised My Remnant to be part of My Army.
I would have had more but many refused My Calling or became slack with the Word. Only doing what is important to them and not ALL The Word. Thus they have been left behind for a time as I collect My Harvest.

The harvest is coming and soon as the World crumbles it is going to get worse. A lot worse. To the extreme and they are NOT IN Me. Thus they will suffer. They will suffer NOTHING if they stay IN Me, that is the plan. They must stay IN Me Very much so. Miracles will happen if they stay IN Me but if not, they will die to themselves. It goes both Ways. ‘You’ can not remain. You die to Me or live in Satan. That is it.

There is none other, thus they must find Me. I will do this slowly but the time has come to make the ultimate sacrifice IN Me. They know Me not thus they will listen. There is only ONE God if that is what they call it. So why do they not listen to Me and separate themselves from Me? Nomore Nolonger, you will not be your own person anymore. You must become Christ like or forget it. The time has come My Arrival is here. I will take My Faithful place in and through My Faithful Servants.

People are going to struggle as the time grows closer and closer to My ultimate arrival and they need to know this, I do not care who they are ‘as such’ I mean rich or poor, free or bond. This means nothing to Me. What matters is if they listen. I have chosen vessels. Very important vessels and it matters not what they have done. It is only what they will do for Me. Just listen and I will show you everything.

Message finished at 18:09
1809. exaiteó In strong’s concordance is to ask for oneself, demand.
Usage: I demand of, ask for, beg earnestly for properly, to request a full “handing over” (a complete “take-over”). 1809 /eksaitéomai (“totally hand over”)

The LORD wants a complete hand over of our souls.

The Lord wanted this prophecy linked

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