Looking towards the Heaven for Jesus

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I was given this message October the 2nd 2019 this morning at 8:40 a.m. to 9:00 to 9:00 a.m. and and it was to come completed and to be released at 2:28 p.m. and the title of the message is my manifested sons and daughters the hidden ones will be called out prepared and what I heard in my spirit is time it’s nice it’s a hallelujah and I’ll go ahead and begin
with the message

my remnant bride firstfruits these are they the hidden ones who have been sheltered in the way
and nurtured until the the ripeness of my fruit may come forth of my glory for such a time as this as to bring in the final harvest they aren’t of the Holy Spirit we are one in the spirit they are pure in heart they are my heart we are one they are light they are my light we are one they are truth bearers they are my truth the only truth that matters we are one most of all they are holy as I am holy given all and surrendered all over to me that they will that my will be done in these in days they buy it they abide in me they hear my voice they follow me they are mine and I am theirs we are one my beloved’s bright jewels of light in this darkness shine and get ready to go forth my love’s the call soon comes I bet that I wait and with eagerness to call you hearken hearken you are first chosen my bees aren’t they I manifested my manifested sons and daughters and what I got here is many are called but few are chosen I was seeing Matthew 22:14 the laborers are few to go out into the field of the harvest and the field is the world many are ready to leave and just you know going to heaven but many are like me we want to be harvest workers hallelujah we want to serve the LORD thy God and we want our people saved us Esther and so you know we want to go out and bring in the harvest hallelujah and amen to those that that won’t the same that want to do this same you know be a servant of the Lord oh jesus thank you the only ones to stand against the wiles of the devil and their enemies i watch over you I walk with you I talk with you I stand with you I carry you I doubt over you who can be against you nothing can stand against me or with me my presence is great glory and power the essence of all things I am we are one one with the father one of his glory and majesty

oh thank you

Jesus your bridegroom the Lord of the harvest Jesus

oh let us praise him and give him all honor this day and thank you Lord for this day you have made us another day of mercy for all those out there you know that needed new mercies hallelujah I need your mercy lower thank you Jesus but I want you guys to notice that there is the image that is a cave and another brother had used an image of a cave yesterday to show how the hidden ones are coming out of like reclusion or if they’ve been out in the wilderness or hiding out like it’s like being in a cave many of us are in homes you know the Lord has taken us to himself and the Holy Spirit has been leading us and teaching us and guiding us and and these end times to get ready you know to get ready for such a position as Benson to bring in the harvest and we had to give our will over to him so that he may sanctify us and cleanse us and purifyyou know burn burn out the darkness and iniquity and and out took get us ready you know as he says in 5 Ephesians 5 27 2% of church to himself you know such glory such glory church hallelujah and so you know what a wonderful time to be alive and to be a part of this um I guess we can’t tell I’m excited because you know I’ve been waiting I didn’t want to say anything but some of you have been asking and some of you have surmise but yes I did receive a message that I am chosen so I am delighted and you know I you know I’m just a humble servant for the Lord just like as a it’s just watchman I’m no better than anybody else and and I told the Lord you know I’m so grateful to be chosen you know for a time such as this and you know to just to witness his glory in this earth amen church amen and I hope this is encouraging to you and thank you for list and praying fine with you please share let’s get the encouragement out and God bless each and every one of you in the name of hyJesus for there is no other name of the name above he is and Shalom

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