September 22, 2020 12:50 PM

I have shared two dreams recently out of the handful I’ve had from the Lord with this site. For background, I’m a fairly new sister in Christ. I have always believed and if you asked me if I was a Christian I would have said absolutely! But I was lukewarm, not living for God, not putting Jesus first and I didn’t really understand what he did for me on the cross. A few months into this “pandemic” I started to realize things were never going back to “normal” again and this was a test from God to see who would return to Him with all their heart while he has allowed the enemy to take away everything that everyone holds dear in this society before He sends the real pandemics/judgments. I got baptized in July, was delivered from a handful of sins and depression and gave my life to Him. I have been fasting throughout this month which I’ve never done before with the strength of our Lord. I always had a sense that I was born in a significant time but over the past few months I’m now fully convinced, with the help of our Lord, that we are in the very last days. I have no doubt in my mind there are many terrible things coming in the immediate future and there is barely seconds left to midnight.

I have a word to share now. This is the first time I’ve ever received a word from God. I confirmed it with our Lord with scripture. It confirms many words, messages, visions, dreams that many sisters and brothers are having. It’s short and to the point.

Word received Friday September 19th:

I received this word at night in and out of sleeping. Since I rarely fall asleep before midnight it was received in the wee hours of the morning of Rosh Hashanah. I kept waking up out of sleep, eyes still closed but consciously hearing the same thing “THE HAMMER OF GODS JUDGMENT IS COMING DOWN, HIS FIST IS COMING DOWN” I woke up probably 4-5 times throughout my sleep and the second I came to consciousness I heard in my spirit “ THE HAMMER OF GODS JUDGMENT IS COMING DOWN, HIS FIST IS COMING DOWN” every time. Something like that has never happened to me. I also had this, not vision per say but more of an awareness or “knowing” that it meant complete destruction like imagining in my spirit what would happen if God literally took his fist and punched the earth. I have been praying and asking the Lord to speak to me more telling him I’m open and willing to receive words or visions or more dreams and he delivers. I confirmed it with scripture and he gave me Jeremiah 16:10-21 and Jeremiah 11.

Jeremiah 16:

10 And it shall come to pass, when thou shalt shew this people all these words, and they shall say unto thee, Wherefore hath the Lord pronounced all this great evil against us? or what is our iniquity? or what is our sin that we have committed against the Lord our God?

11 Then shalt thou say unto them, Because your fathers have forsaken me, saith the Lord , and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law;

12 And ye have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, ye walk every one after the imagination of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me:

13 Therefore will I cast you out of this land into a land that ye know not, neither ye nor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other gods day and night; where I will not shew you favour.

14 Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord , that it shall no more be said, The Lord liveth , that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

15 But, The Lord liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers.

16 Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord , and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.

17 For mine eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.

18 And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double; because they have defiled my land, they have filled mine inheritance with the carcasses of their detestable and abominable things.

19 O Lord , my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

20 Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?

21 Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is The Lord .

Jeremiah 11
11 The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying,

2 Hear ye the words of this covenant, and speak unto the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem;

3 And say thou unto them, Thus saith the LordGod of Israel; Cursed be the man that obeyeth not the words of this covenant,

4 Which I commanded your fathers in the day that I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, from the iron furnace, saying, Obey my voice, and do them, according to all which I command you: so shall ye be my people, and I will be your God:

5 That I may perform the oath which I have sworn unto your fathers, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey, as it is this day. Then answered I, and said, So be it, O Lord.

6 Then the Lord said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant, and do them.

7 For I earnestly protested unto your fathers in the day that I brought them up out of the land of Egypt, even unto this day, rising early and protesting, saying, Obey my voice.

8 Yet they obeyed not, nor inclined their ear, but walked every one in the imagination of their evil heart: therefore I will bring upon them all the words of this covenant, which I commanded them to do: but they did them not.

9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

10 They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.

11 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.

12 Then shall the cities of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem go, and cry unto the gods unto whom they offer incense: but they shall not save them at all in the time of their trouble.

13 For according to the number of thy cities were thy gods, O Judah; and according to the number of the streets of Jerusalem have ye set up altars to that shameful thing, even altars to burn incense unto Baal.

14 Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me for their trouble.

15 What hath my beloved to do in mine house, seeing she hath wrought lewdness with many, and the holy flesh is passed from thee? when thou doest evil, then thou rejoicest.

16 The Lord called thy name, A green olive tree, fair, and of goodly fruit: with the noise of a great tumult he hath kindled fire upon it, and the branches of it are broken.

17 For the Lord of hosts, that planted thee, hath pronounced evil against thee, for the evil of the house of Israel and of the house of Judah, which they have done against themselves to provoke me to anger in offering incense unto Baal.

18 And the Lord hath given me knowledge of it, and I know it: then thou shewedst me their doings.

19 But I was like a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter; and I knew not that they had devised devices against me, saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof, and let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name may be no more remembered.

20 But, O Lord of hosts, that judgest righteously, that triest the reins and the heart, let me see thy vengeance on them: for unto thee have I revealed my cause.

21 Therefore thus saith the Lord of the men of Anathoth, that seek thy life, saying, Prophesy not in the name of the Lord, that thou die not by our hand:

22 Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts, Behold, I will punish them: the young men shall die by the sword; their sons and their daughters shall die by famine:

23 And there shall be no remnant of them: for I will bring evil upon the men of Anathoth, even the year of their visitation.

Be prepared in Christ Jesus completely with no fear to endure what’s coming. Fast and pray as much as possible. God bless you all. Jesus is Lord.


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