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The Goodbye Card

Jun 15, 2022, 10:04 PM
Lisa B
Prayer Warrior

May this bring comfort to all those waiting for their children, grandchildren, children of family and friends to leave.

Vision Received: 24th or 25th May 2022

Setting – I was standing in a major city on a road surrounded by skyscrapers. There were no cars on the road, just other people and myself.
I was given the understanding that we were parents saying our good-byes to our children who were leaving right then, to go to college.
I was saying good-bye to my daughter (even though she is only 10 years old.)

(Note: In the countries I have lived in, I have always referred to college as “Uni” or “Varsity”)
If felt strange thinking my daughter is going off to “College”, this made me think that the setting must be linked to the US in someway?

We were all given a digital device (smaller than a phone) and there was a digital image of a runway with lights flashing from the beginning of the runway to the end.
I was given the understanding that this was my daughters good-bye card before she left.
As I looked to the side of the road, words appeared and I also heard them in the spirit, they said:

“I will always love you.”

(I immediately thought of the chorus to the old Whitney Houston song with the same name.)
I then realised these were the words associated with the card and it was a good-bye message from my daughter.

Vision ended.

This was exceptionally moving to me and had such finality.
The American term “College” stood out to me as a clue. I wonder if the children’s leaving is timed with an event in one of the US major cities. I’m not familiar with US college semesters and when they start, maybe there is symbolism in this timing as well?
The children leaving for “higher education” is also symbolic. They will receive this higher education from the Lord in the Heavenly Kingdom.

The  runway, made me think of take-off, children’s rapture, flying off to the Lord.
The lights – following the Lord, the Light of the world.
The cards message – comforting and final good-bye words that every parent/person would love to hear for the last time.

Needless to say, when my daughter came through to see me she received the biggest bear hug and I held her tightly saying those words to her several times.
(Yes, she thought I was crazy.)

More confirmation received yesterday:
Vision of a young girl (8 or 9 years) coming out my home office/study. She had a school uniform on, she turned and closed the door behind her.
Interpretation: The children are leaving their school/studies behind OR closing the door on their studies now. Schools Out – Time to go.
(I’m not sure if this is also linked to school holiday timing?)

I had another vision yesterday of myself cutting out and sewing yellow leather gloves. Then “poof” they were made and on my hands.
Brothers and sisters, prepare for work and put your gloves on.
We harvest soon!

Blessings and strength in the troubles ahead, may we seek the Lord’s face always and never fear.
Lisa B.

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