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The Globalists Wants To Use The Pandemic To Bring About Their NWO – Loveth Nwokeohuru

The Globalists Wants To Use The Pandemic To Bring About Their NWO

November 11, 2020 7:34 AM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

On the 27th of February 2020, I received a word from the Holy Spirit while I was praying.

I am not sure about this particular date, I had thought it was in January I received this message. But when I checked my archives where I record some of the messages the Lord gives me, I saw that the date I recorded the message was on the 27th of February, that’s why I put that date there.

I have been praying for confirmation on this message..

The globalists wants to use the Corona virus pandemic to bring about their One World Government ( NWO)

When I received this word, Corona virus was only in Wuhan. It has not spread to other parts of the word then.

Please, whatever that relates to this pandemic I advise we shouldn’t be part of it.

This is what I see coming with the pandemic.

1. Lockdowns: this is already happening, and this will eventually lead to

2. Economic collapse.

Many people have been receiving revelations from the Lord about the coming Economic COLLAPSE.

This will eventually lead to

3. Massive number os people losing their jobs..and soon Famine will set in, if God allows this to continue.

I had a dream last year November precisely where there was an economic COLLAPSE and extreme poverty.

Many people were out of jobs.

Today, in my country Nigeria the prices of things have skyrocketed.

The Covid 19 affected the price of crude oil.

I know some persons who lost their jobs..and some others their salaries were slashed.

4. The vaccines will be forced on people, if you refuse this vaccine you will be regarded as an enemy of the people/the common good.

They will accuse you of wanting to infect other people around won’t be allowed to board a plane, use public offices and places etc..

Please, this is the time to be more prayerful….avoid anything that has to do with the beast system.


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