Dream, Economic Collapse



Nov 13, 2019, 5:17 AM
Loveth Nwokeohuru
Woke up in the morning with this dream.
I traveled in that dream and just came into town, and didn’t know what was happening.
I wanted to buy something cause I was hungry, I saw a woman who was selling potatoes, I asked how much and she said, # 800 for just two pieces. What!
I got angry and dropped the potatoes, thinking that maybe she’s greedy.
I then went to buy some bananas, the same thing. The prices were outrageous, I was like what is happening here am I dreaming?
I then saw a some children crying, (around 4-7 years old)
So I asked them what are they doing here, why are they not in school?
They said that their parents had no money to send them to school, they were begging for food, I was so unhappy to see these little ones out of school and begging for food in the streets.
Then I told them not to worry that when I get home I will bring some food for them to eat.
Then I saw something else that baffled me.
Many people couldn’t afford to pay for a cab, they had to trek home, cause the fair has skyrocketed.
There were no much cabs and busses and tricycle on the road too.
I couldn’t even find any to take me home, and the distance from that place to my house is far..I was wondering ” how am I going to trek from this place to my house, it was a far distance.
Many people were out of jobs, they were dropped from where they were working before, so they were jobless. I was so confused in the dream and couldn’t believe what was happening.


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