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The Giants Came! – Vision Guy

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The Giants Came!
June 8, 2017 at 1:03 PM

I had a vision 2 years ago about an “alien” attack. Two more alien visions came behind that the following weeks after that. Well long story short, since then God has shown me (as I’m sure he’s shown all of you) many different scenarios of the coming end times. While it will be a very dark time, I must say I’m THRILLED at the work the bride and army of God will be doing in this earth during those times. The harvest is gonna be HUGE!!! Our Transformation has begun but is very subtle! It’s a very intricate process that is leading to the big change, so hang in there! I’m sure some of you are sensing this though.

So last night I dreamed of another alien attack. My first 3 visions of this did not reveal what these beings looked like, however, last nights dream revealed that some or maybe all of them are in fact giants. One of them even held, and squeezed me in their hand. It dropped me and I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up the world was destroyed. Smoke and fire was everywhere and the sky colored red. I then began to notice images in different parts of the sky of a baby holding a trumpet. I was then given instructions from God on what I was to do, and the dream ended.

Not sure why I was led to share this dream here because I’ve had many more dramatic and detailed alien dreams than this one. But anyways, of course let me know your thoughts, questions and/or any possible interpretations and details I may have missed. Thanks!!

Side Note: Who knows a lot about the Lemurians? I had a dream 2 months ago where they attacked humanity and announced that they were coming to reclaim earth. Does this possibly tie into any end times themes?

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