The Fuse is Lit – Ruth Johnson

The Fuse is Lit

September 13, 2021 10:04 PM
Ruth Johnson

Fugitives for Justice
Fleeing from a foe,
The judges and the juries,
Nowhere to go.
Justice was not meted,
Far from the fact,
Evidence not needed,
There is no turning back.
The fuse has been lit,
You cannot put it out,
It is burning to its mark
With a snap and a crackle,
An eerie blue spark,
Leaping like lightning,
Flashing like a quark.
Head for the hills
Before it gets dark,
Lose yourself
Before it is too late
To the Lord of Light.
The coming dark
Is great.
When it blows,
And it will,
It will be
Much more than a thrill
On a carnival ride
Or watching a film
Of an end times movie.
Time to kill,
And not be ready
For the coming fight,
Not even know
The fuse is lit
Soon to hit
Its mark.
It will be dark,
It will not care
If you are there,
It will be mean.
The demons see
In the dark,
It is their world,
Not yours.
Do not be fooled,
They are exceptionally
Who knows who to trust?
What to believe?
Does this world seem just?
Or just bereaved?
Do we know what the Truth is?
Or not?
Have we looked at our options?
Or what?
None of the above?
Well, the God of Love
Has sent His Son
With a great big bucket of Blood.
He will pour it
On that flame
In His Holy Name.
Fire will not touch
His children of Light
Any more than Abraham.
Did you know he went in the furnace too?
He spent three days and nights there!
The Book of Jasher tells it to you.
Read all you can
Of God’s True Word
To want to avoid it
Is truly absurd!
Why do they tell you
To not read Enoch?
Just go ahead and do it,
You will find out.
They are a bunch of lying
Scheming demons
Filling our minds
With fear and doubt.
Do not fall for it,
It is a long drop,
The highest cliff
You could ever plunge off.
Save yourselves,
Your family too,
Get down on your knees
And pray to Who
Loves you more
Than anyone else.
The fuse is lit,
Do not just sit
And hope it does not blow.
Prepare yourself!
Get in the Know!

My child, write this down,
This is another warning.
The fuse IS lit,
There is no putting it out!
Have you ever played chess?
Any good chess player will know
You must look two or three steps ahead,
At all times.
The devil is an excellent chess player,
he can win at this game.
It is a war game.
First, sacrifice the pawns.
The rooks, bishops and knights are next.
The queen protects the king.
Think about it.
What has your president done
In Afghanistan?
Sacrificed the pawns? Yes.
The leaders of Russia and China
Have aligned with the terrorists.
What has your president done?
Distracted you with vaccine mandates.
What happens when he is taken out
And your true president Trump returns?
Will he not go and get the ones
Left behind?
This is all a set up.
The fuse has been lit.
Have I not been telling you
If you are in My Army
I Will never leave you behind?
He who lives by the sword
Dies by the sword.
Think about this.
You have been set up.
Checkmate, check.
Do not play the game.
America’s honor is not worth fighting for.
She is a whoring, baby killing,
Reprobate nation.
I have warned and warned
And continue to warn.
America is the whore of Babylon
Riding on the scarlet beast,
Drinking from the cup
Of the blood of saints.
Drunk on it!
What happens to her?
Read Revelation 18.
This is prophecy.
I Will leave no one behind
Who fights with Me in My Army!
Who FIGHTS with Me!
What do you think this means?
I never said I will pull you off
The battle field
Before the battle!
I have said, listen for My Voice
To lead you to the lost sheep
And I Will protect you.
Are you listening?
Am I your Commander?
Do you know this for certain?
I Am your Only Salvation!
You have been set up!
The red horse will ride!
The fuse has been lit!
You are running out of time
On a rocket!!!

Your True Commander in Chief,
Master at the game of chess,
Jesus the Christ

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