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The Feathered, Flying Serpent

June 23, 2019

The Lord woke me up today with a vision- it is6:37 a.m. New York Time.

This post is about Worship: God showed me how He sees praise and worship ministry today, how He’s not involved in it at all. God is not interested in receiving defiled worship because it’s full of fleshly connotation that easily attracts SATAN. Satanic worship is not limited to what devil worshippers do at satanic mass- it is any form of worship that innately and directly or indirectly substitutes the focus of worship as man or another topic or object instead of the King Jesus Christ. Songs throw His name everywhere but are as cold as ice, devoid of anointing, holiness, powerand everything else needed to draw on and attract the presence of God. As the Lord said in a previous post- “It takes more than two or three scriptures to make a song holy unto Me”.

Here are the visions I saw this morning about the defilement of current worship music.

First I saw people with their arms raised in worship. I saw this all over the world, congregations with arms raised giving thanks and praises to the Lord. These people were singing with all their might, and the sound genuinely was a lovely sound. It moved me. But before I could really enjoy it the vision was interrupted by an image: the cistern and open bowl of a toilet. The top of the cistern was open and broken, so water continuously flowed in a noisy stream into the bottom of the bowl. So much water was being lost because of the brokenness of the cistern I thought: “WHY is all this water being lost, it’s a precious resource! Who’s paying for all this, and why don’t they fix what’s broken?” Apart from that the toilet looked clean to me; I was wondering what all this means when all of a sudden, the image of people worshipping was scooped and thrown into the toilet bowl!

Oh! I was surprised! But right away I was drawn to the lip of the toilet bowl, at a microscopic magnification- and what I saw sickened me. It was filthy inside- microscopic germs that escaped my eye when I thought it was “clean” had not escaped God’s eye. These germs were all over the people- I saw traces and flecks of brown, green and black spots on them that had not been washed in a long time, and I knew it was traces of fecal matter and other waste products defiling them as they stood in the presence of the Lord in worship. The sound was still beautiful in the toilet, but now it was overpowered by the sound of the wasted water running into the bowl like a waterfall, drowning out the music they made. The toilet’s cistern was broken and a lot of water was being lost.

Then I saw something even worse- a beautiful, LONG, painted snake with a curious fleshy head appeared and started dancing over the people. How gross. The snake was mostly WHITE but it had splotches of pink, baby blue, green, yellow and other colours tastefully applied on the body- it looked like something you’d see being carried as a piñata at a festival in Rio for “Carnivale” or something. It wore a shiny gold crown and had fleshy attachments on both sides of its head like a rooster’s comb. It also had feathers or whiskers all over the sides of its head. This snake had VERY BIG EYES for a snake; it was watching the entire room closely as it danced over people’s heads. Every now and then it closed its eyes in absolute enjoyment of the music, undulating its body in time to the music, coiling this way and that, darting it’s head this way and that among the people. Sometimes it darted its head very close to the head of a worshipper, as if to bestow a personal kiss in thanksgiving for the beautiful melodies being offered up. I was transfixed watching this and wondered where this snake came from, how could it be in a church during praise and worship, and why nobody saw it and attacked it in prayer.

The Lord said to me: These people are fallen,broken cisterns that cannot hold water.Everything they think they’re doing is being lost; it is worthless, worthless, full of earthly value but of no heavenly good. These people never cared for Me. They do their own thing, satisfying their own lusts at My expense. They sing songs that matter to them, not Me. They sing for themselves, and organise beautiful choral productions in which I have no part. They focus on the beauty of the ensemble, on who can “really sing” instead of seeking who truly carries the anointing. As a result the presence of the Lord is absent from their midst, and the Holy Spirit rarely falls in their meetings. Everything is by their own strength, not Mine. THEY HONOUR THEMSELVES WITH THEIR MUSIC.The music glorifies satan, it lifts HIM up and not Me. It is esoteric, self important endowments that glorify man in his fallen state and depict Me as the cleaner-upper constantly on hand to repair the damage, instead of the magnificent, Holy King that I am. Man ought to cleanse his ways to glorify Me, but he does not. Instead I play second fiddle to his ambitions. I am second, he is first. So I reject them and consign their “worship” to the place most fitting for it. Their offering is rejected before Me, because they constantly call on ‘father” but as you saw- the father they summon with the songs they sing IS NOT ME. Their worship is profane. 

The verse given was Jeremiah 2:13For My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.

The “water” of so-called worship is being LOST. God doesn’t want it, so it’s just smoke and fireworks in church without power or heavenly efficiency. Not every church or Christian gathering is guilty of this, let us have understanding about this. Some churches are getting it RIGHT and God loves to descend in those meetings and make his presence known. But in a very large majority of churches nothing holy to God goes on, and He calls it “broken cisterns”. In the old days rain wasn’t certain, so people would create large vessels to act as water silos for daily needs. These things were very important- it was always a tragedy if a silo cracked without anyone noticing- a precious resource would be lost. Likewise God is saying that the reservoir of worship is a cracked and leaking vessel, a flesh-made imitation that cannot hold His presence and so is offering up a cheap replica of the real presence of God and power of the Holy Spirit. Current worship culture doesn’t prepare hearts to hear the gospel and receive Jesus Christ- it’s only exciting the emotions- making people weepy, caught up in their feelings, and very focused on themselves. Worship must exalt God above all else. If He’s not the focus it’s easy for satan to operate as a spirit among the people, to bestow his defiling presence on them instead of that position being occupied by the Holy Spirit.

Here is an excellent Bible Study on this; check it out for more information! We must get back to the true practice of worship by seeking God deeply to know what HE wants, what HE considers holy and acceptable from our hands. Otherwise it’s all water under the bridge, bringing satan into our midst to tell us thank you for calling him ‘father’.

Also check this post– it shows a church ‘worshipping’ while Jesus walks away from them.

God bless you all, keep staying on the right road to salvation. Amen. 

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